Call of Duty: Warzone updates your anti system

Since its launch last year, _ Call of Duty: Warzone _ has been a victim of all kinds of hackers. Recently, Activision incorporated a new anti-trap system known as ricochet , which helps to identify more easily and more quickly to cheats. Well, this system has received an improvement that complicates the lives of all those who decide to use hacks inside the battle royale.

As it reports NYSL MAVRIQ at Twitter , when Ricochet Identifies a hacker, it’s not only become immune to the shots of it, but now they are also invincible, as you can see in the next clip.

Activision is Literally Trolling With the WARZONE Anti-Cheat... ????
This will not only make the life of the most difficult hackers, but it will also allow Activision and Ricochet to suspend more than them with greater efficiency. Hopefully this change does bring positive results to Warzone .

Editor’s note: It is a shame that Warzone has been ruined by so many hackers and cheats. The game is genuinely fun, but the experience is not currently the best, in addition to all the other technical problems that came after the implementation of the new map, boiler.

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