How to capture intelligence drones in Horizon Forbidden West

In Horizon Forbidden West there are many collectible items that Elo can collect, traveling through the western part of North America. One of the items of collecting in Horizon Forbidden West are research drones. These flying items can be difficult

To capture reconnaissance drones in Horizon Forbidden West , players should sit on aircraft to drag them . You will need to find a way to move through these flying collected items so that Elo can jump on them.

One way to facilitate the capture of intelligence drones is to celebrate their flight paths as well as other cars. To do this, hold the R3 button to open the focus, then highlight the path of the research machine to see where the drones are often found.

After you have found a research drone, you will need to find his research core. After you get a Survey Core, go back to the database and connect it by heading to the terminal right behind Gaia. With ten separate intelligence drones inhabiting the Forbidden West, you need to follow the bright blue scans, which highlight the area from above when crossing this unknown landscape.

Horizon Forbidden West - All Survey Drone Locations, How to Loot Them & Return Them to Base

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