New World completes its present story in March – brings brand-new tool as well as brand-new dungeon

** New World will additionally get a large upgrade again in March with the name “Heart of Madness”. There are new tale as well as new endgame content.

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What remains in March Update of New World? The emphasis is on leading 3 brand-new attributes:

Just on February 28, the last major update in New World has been launched, repaired over 100 insects and made the combative battle system.

  • With “Heart of Tornado Winds” a brand-new dungeon is released, which picks up the primary history around Isabella.
  • The brand-new tool thunderbush comes into play.
  • New challengers need to appear in the old areas.

When does the patch appear? A precise date is not yet available. As a rule, the updates however only 2 to three weeks after starting on the PTR and also therefore towards completion of the month.

Furthermore, the March update must additionally consist of some equilibrium modifications and also pest fixes.

New Dungeon completes the previous tale

Just what is that for a dungeon? Tempest’s Heart is the “twisted funding” of Myrkgard and accordingly the dungeon lies in Bruchberg. In it, Isabella, which ought to defeat her in the last battle.

The dungeon is made for 5 gamers of degree 60. The developers recommend a collection of arms of at the very least 550.

That has actually not been interested in the Tale of New World, finds a recap right here:

Thunderbush establishes emphasis on tool reach as well as AOE damages

What is this for a brand-new weapon? The thunderboy is a firearm that fires you with one hand as well as inflicting your damages mostly in melee and mid-distance. It ranges with the worths of toughness and also knowledge as well as can therefore be made use of by sugar fighters or magicians.

Customarily, there are 2 talent trees:

With each other with the thunderbench also comes a brand-new fabulous weapon, which you can gain you regarding a quest in ebar.

What is the upgrade still? According to the most up to date blog site message, it needs to give new opponents in the existing locations, comparable to Spot 1.1, with which the Varangian knights were introduced.

  • The tree “Enclosure” is about to reach adversaries and to rotate your hot lead in the face.
  • “Mayhem”, on the various other hand, connects his emphasis to a range and large AOE surges.

March is generally a fascinating month for New World. During the coming days, a large roadmap should be provided for the future. Lots of players are longful to ultimately learn what content this year will certainly come.

Furthermore, new pest repairs as well as balance modifications are prepared. A lot more in-depth details should give it with the begin of the PTRS.

New World guarantees new tale material and also huge roadmap for March

New World will additionally get a big upgrade once again in March with the name “Heart of Madness”. There are brand-new tale and brand-new endgame material. Tempest’s Heart is the “twisted resources” of Myrkgard and also appropriately the dungeon is situated in Bruchberg. ** What is this for a new weapon? March is normally a fascinating month for New World.

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