Nintendo fans love new icons of switch characters

Nintendo fanatics have loved the new system of missions and rewards that was launched this week. Now, many of the players are realizing that the company included new avatars and profile images so that people use them in their systems. Since the launch of Nintendo Switch long years ago, there have been rumors about when the system would receive some topics for the home and other improvements in the quality of life. They may not be complete topics, but unconditional fanatics will love these small adjustments. Add that to some other rumors that circulate on social networks, and it is difficult not to get excited about the future. Look at some of the publications below!

«One of the new functions of the last update of the Nintendo Switch Online application is the ability to redeem platinum points by elements for your user icon. You can get frames, characters or background elements to create your own user icon that can be seen by other Nintendo Switch players when you are online. Each month you will have a different theme and the elements of the icons will be updated every week, so be sure to review the Nintendo Switch online application on your Nintendo Switch system so as not to miss any. «

Nintendo Direct - 2.9.2022

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