Paid DLC “Survivors of the void” delivery started with “RISK OF RAIN 2” PC version. A survivor with a single shot killing skipper and two forms appear

Publisher’s Gearbox Publishing started delivery of a paid DLC “Survivors of THE Void” in the “ RISK OF RAIN 2 ” PC version on March 2. The price is usually available at 988 yen of 35% off until March 9th.

“Survivors of the void” is an extended content that adds new survivers and new maps to “RISK OF RAIN 2”. Railgunner appeared as one of the new survivers. She is a character equipped with a railgun wrinkle weapon as its name. She is longer to damage the enemy individual from a long distance. She is a survivor that she sniper the weakness of highlighted enemies and always produces critical damage, and it is a survivor who specializes with one shot dead.

Another new surveyor has appeared void fiend. Void FIEnd has a gauge called Corruption. This number gradually increases and increases in particular by receiving damage. Conversely, if recovered, the numerical value drops. Void FIED transforms from Controlled Form to Corrupted Form by saving Corruption gauges. The basic four types of abilities transform into a completely different effect. For example, DROWN, a basic technique, is a general-purpose type ability that gives medium damage at long distances at the Controlled Form. On the other hand, Corrupted Form transforms it into offensive ability to damage the approached enemy. Using the two forms while managing the gauge is the key to master Void FIEd.

Also, new elements are added for items. By collapsing normal items, new forces can be unlocked. When you get 14 types of empty items, the normal effects of the item change. For example, ukulele that enables a lightning attack to multiple enemies will be targeted to a single body instead of flock. Since there is an item that causes the opposite effect or exerts a completely different effect, it is required to have different operation methods than before.

A new stage is also added, and the unknown location appears on Petri Corc V. Varying places are added, such as a spaced stage and sulfur pond with a beautiful waterfall, and a forest that can enjoy ice skating. Enemy characters are also enhanced, and in addition to nine monsters, two elite types have two types, and nine types of bosses have appeared. In addition, ending branches are added, and new interact targets and game modes have also appeared.

If you play a paid DLC in multiplayer, only one of the players purchases DLC, new monsters, levels and items appear in all players’ games. However, non-buyers should not be unlocked new survivers and new item logbooks, etc. And only PC version is compatible with this paid DLC. The content delivery to the console version is scheduled to be the second quarter (April to June).

“RISK OF RAIN 2” Paid DLC “Survivors of the Void” is sold at STeam. Sales are currently being marketed and are sold for 35% off from regular prices.

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