Viruzz and Sandor earn the third edition of Disaster Chefs with a historic Jagger

third edition of Disaster Chefs just concluded and we already know who will accompany ilojuan & Andrés and Paula Gonu & Werlyb in the Gran Final: Sandor Martín , famous boxer who has been champion of Europe numerous times, and viruzz your pupil in amateur boxing that will fight against Momo next June 25. While both did it quite well E were “covered” , it is true that the level in general was very even with respect to the other editions. However, for many it has been the best program by far thanks to the unusual performance of Jagger with 11 different personalities.

Jagger and his pineapple hamburger with cocoa cream opened the program

First Plate that had to be done was a hamburger , something quite simple to do and that has not caused problems in any of the diners. While some opted for the classic option of meat with Bacon, onion and potatoes, others pulled for the vegan option, which also had very good look and was less “heavy” than the original.

However, Jagger would begin here a show that has become an instant classic, performing a burger burned and scraped along with a lot of salmon, pineapple and cocoa cream **. I do not know you but I think we prefer not to try it so as not to bother our digestive system.

Finally they were Viruzz and Sandor the champions of this first test , performing a very effective hamburger with a fairly rich sauce, adding potatoes (quite large) as a seasoning to chop and enjoy that delicatessen. The eliminated ones for many surprise was the couple of pol and duck, which were behind the thunderous hamburger of Jagger.

Siro and Julita do not fail in the kitchen

The second course should have mushrooms as a central axis of the plate, so many of them opted for a risotto with mushroom sauce although it is true that there was more variety of normal. Like no, Jagger made his own and made a plate ever seen: milpies of Australia who had just been discovered. On the other hand we had Alexby and Aroyitt trying not to die in the attempt to make the rice and a Julita with Siro Managing a pretty cuckoo and tasty dish.

The winners were the latter, since most of the courses did not have that touch so homely and affectionate that the married couple have been put by more than 30 years. Here and yes there was unanimity and Jagger would end up being eliminated after a religious experience by the jurors when trying the content creator sauce based in Madrid. The great final expected expectation, since Jagger was divided into two people to help the couple of Alexby and Aroyitt at the same time as Alexelcapo and Felipez.

Viruzz and Sandor, from Zero to Hero

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Last Test was too well known and simple in theory: Make a menu with first and second plate next to the dessert. While everyone was doing their own, Alex and Felipe let Jagger do the main course with total freedom, ending up an experience called “El Enigma” with successful results but not good enough for the jury.

Finally, the trio of Siro, Julita & Pol and that of Sandor, Viruzz & Duck would come to the Grand Final, with an unexpected conclusion for all since the victory was taken by the boxers. This is how a third edition is closed that has shone thanks to Jagger’s performance, which without even having the camera forward continued to act in the best possible way. And it is that only he is able to make this show and eat a single program; A method actor that will happen to history in the Hispanic community.

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