Great Scott! In Gran Turismo 7 there is a “back to the future”

The iconic racing game series of Polyphony Digital is with Gran Turismo 7 back on PlayStation. With the car list of Gran Turismo 7, which includes over 400 cars and over 60 racetracks on which you can drive around the bet, a lot is offered and something for everyone – even a movie from the 80s buffs. Gran Turismo 7 fans believe in the American Sunday Cup to have discovered an allusion to Emmett Brown from “Back to the Future”.

At the American Sunday Cup, one of the lighter events of Gran Turismo 7, the players will find themselves with a DELOREAN DMC-12 2004 in the starting position – a later model of cult hand, which was famous in Robert Zemeckis’ “Back to the Future”. If you check the race rank list at any time during the event, you will find that the driver of the DELOREAN is actually called E. Brown.

Reddit Users, Meinmondmeinman “has shared a picture of the ranking and linked the points that this is almost definitely an indication of the legendary Doc Brown – played by Christopher Lloyd in the film series. Either that, or it is a hellish coincidence.

We know that Doc has said that we “see a serious shit” when he reached in his DeLorean 88 miles per hour, but we did not think we would see how he would reach top values ​​on the route.

[Easter Egg] The driver of DMC Delorean in the American Sunday Cup is called E. Brown – an allusion to Doc Emmett Brown, the scientist in back to the future of Gran Turismo

You still need roads where you go, but this funny easter egg is just the first to see the players in the game. With legendary cars as the Aston Martin DB5 1964, which was famous from James Bond, and the Chevrolet Camaro 1969, which was famous from a certain yellow transformer, who knows how many other references Polyphony has crept into this game.

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If you are looking for a new wheelset before entering the American Sunday Cup, it may be worthwhile to refresh the microstransaktions from Gran Turismo 7 with our guide. We also have a list of legendary cars from Gran Turismo 7, but if you are about to tackle the American Sunday Cup, you are probably not ready for it.

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