GAME * SPARK Review: Horizon Forbidden West-Beautiful and Encyclic World This World Come Floating

I like travel.

Super or small bookstore, small bookstore, north wind blowing shutter street, arcade. I like to look at the railway and route bus which connects them. View, imagine the lives of people living in the ground. When did this bookstore were made, and the old boutique is open, where these children go to? I do not want a clear answer. However, it is only a good idea to compensate for the space in their gaps from the pieces obtained fragmentally.

Horizon Forbidden West ” is a work full of such travelers. A carefully drawn world and a design that conveys them to the player fragmentally, it has been successful to delete adventure and producing the same trip as realistic. However, if you look at the details, there will be a problem that you can not get out of dust like dirt on the train window.

This article is written based on play in PS5 version. In addition, “Horizon Forbidden West” “Horizon Zero Dawn” includes the spoiler. Please keep in mind.

This work is a primary success of “Horizon Zero Dawn” (hereinafter referred to as “Zero Dawn”). In all, one grade up from the previous work is provided. Conversely speaking, it is also possible that more than the “Zero Dawn” can not expect.

The story starts after several months of “Zero Dawn”. Once it was Aroi who saved the crisis of the world, the corrosion of plants continued, and the ruin of the world was approaching moment. Aaroy is to find backup of the high-performance AI “Gaia” that will be the essential of world playback, and to retrieve the secondary function to the western part.

The completeness of the introduction that also serves as a tutorial is high. A basic attack method and an action using a new equipment “pull caster”, “focus” of Aaroy teaches enemies in the Journal represented by AR. In the way, there are many directed to think of the beginning of a trip, and the scene where the distant view is emphasized that the distant view is highlighted, but the dynamic of the “Uncharted” series face lose to drop the space shuttle from the launch stand In a good action, raise the player’s tension at once.

# Just not only beautiful, crawled world

The world of this work is beautiful, even in the corner. A large open world has a variety of faces and one of them is photo jenick. If you look forward to your depression and growing green, the landscape with a former Las Vegas is spread in the wilderness desert, and the tenks’ s sky’s one-sedient base spit cream to the snow scene color. It is one of the attractions of this work to taste various locations while advancing the story.

The most impressed is, Respect for people living in this beautiful world. In western part, ethnic groups are established in various places. It has a unique death generation, and it is a Tenaks, a Tenaks, who lives to the battle, alive, and dying to fight against a fight, and a reporpiri with an independent independent venue from there. Each ethnic group is drawn with lively.

In particular, the plain of the song, a base of the Utal family, is carefully depicted by the beliefs and clothing, their culture, and decorative items, and decorative goods using plants that they value. On the other hand, in the Venefit area, we make sense to make the meaning, such as objects and patterns that are considered to be derived from the Tenkus.

They are not just looking and enjoy, but also in the side quests may be closely involved. The politely piled side quest between the main quests is arbitrary, focusing on each ethnic person and is spun in a rich cut scene. Of course there are also one spindle to enjoy athletic and hunting, but basically, we will solve the distress and troubleshooting of people living in the ethnicity. Some of the things to choose to lose death in any case. ** And some of the surviving people are only slight at the end of the story, but some kind of consideration, such as appearing with voices, some rewards to the play to the side quest.

These side quests are also impressive that it is designed to be able to know their culture and life consistently. ** For example, the Uta tribe is given plant seeds at the same time as the birth, and there is a custom for planting that species when died. Even if I asked for a request from the village of the village, it was already d1. At that time, I bring my seeds. If you feel this kind of culture directly, a certain quest unpowment is unpopularly, the power of the power of power of the power of beef and the side quest rooted in the living of the people who live there Can be seen.

In addition, as an activity, in the world of “Horizon”, there is a board game called “strike” and racing while riding over the overridden machine beast.

Through these, it will be possible to more emotion of the living of people drawn visually beautifully. If you continue your trip, meet people, know your life, help, become friends, enjoy, and play the world naturally. People who helped have become a second half and appear elsewhere, and there will be a detailed response, such as specialized serifs.

I think I’m going to go to the road and I have to like that land. It is a similar sense with that called “second hometown”. It not only feel that the creator is created with love and respect for the world and the people who lives there, but the player will love this world and value to respect Because it is.

In addition, it is the same for people who live in the era of works as well as those who live in the era of works. ** “Horizon” is a so-called post-apocalypse that is set to the world of about 1000 years after the present age. Older, that is, now, we refers to the modern to live. As a collector item, old data is left as a document, audio, or a hologram. A variety of families who try to evacuate from the earth, or the story of a man who has become a vague to leave the beauty of Las Vegas later. Even if you read these, it will have time for time.

This means not only tracing the Arroy’s story, but also incorporates the factor that follows another story that was here. By this environmental storytelling, the player has headed out his story, and it feels deeper in this world, and is a view of the world footed by the ground.

Implementarily drawing the world was simultaneously felt the effect of canceling the linearity of the main quest. For example, the main quest of this work has many linear experiences, and it seems that the sense of satisfaction of this work is low as it follows. However, the number of main quests in this work itself is small, and it is a design that turns around the world. The side quests filled in the gaps have resulted in weights in each region, and they can be felt into the works that have been clean until clear.

As mentioned above, the world that was carefully built in visual world viewing is fun just walking. Main quests In addition to side quests and exploring, we spent a lot of time in the photo mode. Similarly as “Zero Dawn” photo mode is fun, anywhere is a concept art, and the beauty of the graphic that is not inconspicuous even if it snaps, it will be a new place or something you meet.

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