How to get twinblade in Elden Ring

To get a double blade, you need to go to the burned dragon ruins, located in the swamp near Limgrave. You can find Dragon-burned ruins next to the starting zone called “First Step”.

From the entrance to the first step , you want to go straight right. Going to the right, you end up come down from the hill, but you have to see the ruins in the distance. If you have any problems with searching the ruins, you can find the ruins burned by the dragon in the place shown below.

Where To Get The Twinblade In Elden Ring

Once there, you want to follow the * basement holes inside the ruins. But be careful, for one of them leads to trap-trap trunk chain *. You will understand that it was not in that basement when you encounter rats inside.

The correct entrance to the basement is located in the southern part of the ruins. You want to find fully square fenced wall The building through which it is impossible to jump.

To get inside, find the place where the wall is low enough, and use your horse to make a double jump inside. Then log in to the basement leading to the chest with Double blade .

What is TwinBlade in Elden Ring?

TwinBlade is a unique weapon in Elden Ring, which comes with 119 + 26 physical damage and 100 critical damage. To use a double blade, you will need 10 forces and 18 dexterities.

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