Pokemon gives Psyduck his most adorable merchandise to date

It is difficult to dethrone Pikachu as the most popular Pokémon, since the yellow electric rodent was for a long time Ash Ketchum’s right hand over the years of the anime series and, often, considered the de facto mascot of the Serie. However, there is another character who would definitely fit perfectly for one of the five most recognizable pocket monsters, with the strange behavior of Psyduck and the fun peculiarities of him who make him the favorite of fans. Now, the psychic Pokémon has received what his most adorable merchandise could be to date through a teapot / shower with the theme of Psyduck.

Although Psyduck has not had an important role in the last season of the Pokémon anime, viajes Pokémon the bird had a great influence on the first live action of live franchise, pokémon: Detective Pikachu, where he accompanies A young reporter called Lucy Stevens, who looks crawled at the mystery of the film. Like his innumerable appearances in anime in which he caused serious headaches to Ash friend, Misty, Psyduck was not exactly the most useful creature at all times, but he played an important role in the film and he could certainly show for What is so popular within the series.

Merchandise Producers Ensky has given a new look at the Teapot / Waterport Psyduck, which will be sold through your store this April and will be sold retail for around $ 115 USD if you want to add this clueless Pokémon as a water distributor to your collection. That works well for birds confused by the brain:

Currently, Ash and Goh do not have much time for the pranks that may arise from a psyduck following them on their trip, with the pair of Pokémon trainers trying to overcome coaches in the Galar region while also try to capture some of the most powerful monsters pocket that can. While there have been rumors of a sequel to Detective Pikachu on the live action front, there has not been many news regarding a possible date of launch, start of production and / or inclusion of Lucy Stevens’s favorite. Pokemon.

Will you pick up this adorable teapot? Do you want to see Psyduck play a more important role in Pokemon Journeys? Feel free to let us know in the comments or contact me directly on twitter @evcomedy to talk about comics, anime and the world of Pokémon.

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