How to unlock Mount Lorel Gipbo in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV - How to unlock you first mount in Final Fantasy XIV Online! (FFXIV MOUNT)
In Final Fantasy XIV Laurel Gubby is an older hill, first appeared in the game A Realm Reborn (ARR). To unlock it, you need to use Laurel Goobbue Horn. But how to unlock horn Laurel Gipba?

Laurel Gipbob Rog – award for execution Quests of the Sylves tribe and achieving reputation seventh level, oath with slims . Then, reaching this level, you can go to the Sylp Trader in East Dospise at x: 22.3, y: 26.3 . They will sell you Rog Laurel Gubbu per 120,000 Gil.

Increased levels to the seventh level takes about 30-40 days of common effort, since the beasts tribe quests are limited to the daily number of three per day. Performing three quests per day with variable reputational awards, you will achieve an oath for which 1730 common reputation is required in about four weeks.

Alternatively, Laurel Gipped Rog is often awarded during the events of Muglov’s treasury. Collecting non-standard tombstones, performing tasks, you can accumulate to Horn Laurel Gipba. The horn usually costs 30 non-standard tombstones, and it can be bought from any wandering NPC-Mugla in major cities of Final Fantasy XIV.

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