21 tricks, tips and essential configurations of Nintendo Switch to get the most out of your console

The design of Nintendo Switch is intentionally simple, and partly that is one of its many attractions. Unlike other consoles, to continue your departure you just have to unlock the screen and you can continue playing where and when you want you want. If we join an interface in which everything you need is always in sight, we find a very comfortable system and without much mystery. Another thing, of course, is that there are secrets and curiosities that make it even more interesting.

In LIFEOXTRA We have gathered in the same site a selection of functions, curiosities, adjustments and secrets of Nintendo Switch. Some will be unreacked, others will come from pearls (especially if you have a certain predisposition to lose the joy cons games.

Without further delay, here you have 21 tips, tricks and essential switch configurations that will improve your experience with the successful Nintendo console.

How to skip the user choice before starting a game

Let’s start by something very simple: If you only use the Nintendo Switch or you only have a user profile associated with your console, you are surely boring that you have to choose a user each time you start a closed game **. What is the meaning that question if only one person uses it?

The solution here is very simple: we are going to Justtes of the console, we enter the User_ User_ tab and there we will find the option we are looking for so that the user choice screen does not appear. Now, keep in mind that this option only appears if there is only a single user profile linked to the console.

Access the quick settings of the system in portable mode, on flight and without leaving the game

Configuring the console in portable mode is simple, you want to graduate the brightness of the screen, volume or pass airplane in a second and without leaving the game? Very easy: Press and hold the _ HOME button. You can even put the console in standby mode directly.

As you can see in a picture, if you do it in TV mode, the options will be reduced as a standby, which – all being said – is not more.

Activate the Zoom and Sácale mode

Most games are accommodated to the Nintendo Switch screen so that all content and texts can be read with relative normality or, failing that, be able to expand. However, there is also an option to be able to expand the screen to the flight and adjust the focus on the fly: simply press the menu _ Home _ (⌂). **

Does not it work? No problems: Simply access configuration of the console (☼), enter the consol tab and in it go closer or take away the view and activate this function.

Take the most of your wish list

The Eshop is full of interesting games and content, and despite the fact that your search engine has improved a lot from its release by introducing different parameters, sometimes it is a bit complicated to check if that game that we have been following the track is reduced or is tedious Find it buried among other programs in promotion. Luckily: Nintendo has enabled the wish list.

Both in the Eshop and on the official website of Nintendo we can add any game from your catalog to our wishlist by pressing the respective icon just below the option to buy. In this way, we will have all the titles that we have thrown the eye together in one place.

The interesting thing is that we can check our wish list and always have at eye both the titles in which we are interested as the discount applied if they are reduced . Something especially practical, everything is said.

  • In Switch we go to the Eshop, we entered the tab of searching and we access our console avatar (up to the right). Once we have entered, we will see the information of the account and the second tab will be our _ wishes_ conveniently organized.

  • In web browsers it is even easier: we go to the Eshop from the official website of Nintendo and we will soon find the Wish List section, which is the same as that of the console.

Manage storage intelligently

Everyone has happened to us: we want to download a game but we are missing from space in the console (the 32 GB give little margin) and we have the SD card very poorly organized. Does it take to delete content? Well, maybe you should try to move your games and take full advantage of both spaces.

  • From Configuration of the console (☼) you will find a tab that is called data management in which the free space and busy both the console and our microSD card are simply displayed. The interesting thing here is that we will find an option for _mover data between the console and a microSD card that can come from pearls.

  • Another equally interesting option and that we will find just below the previous one, is _ Fastarch: with it we can file all the programs we want without uninstalling them at all and we will quickly free up most of the space they occupy.

Turn on your TV and your switch at the same time from TV mode

We do not know how many remote controls you currently have at home, but the less you have to depend on them better. Luckily, you can turn on the console, play Kirby everything you want in TV mode and turn off the console and the screen without having to touch the control of your TV . Of course, you have to make an initial adjustment.

The process is simple: we are going to configuration of the console (☼), we go down until you find _ Synchronize with the television_ and we enable it (we choose yes). In this way, the TV will light up so much if we put the console on the Dock as if we deactivate the Mode En wait. One more note: If you turn on the TV, the console will be in standby mode. All advantages

Logically, this option does not work with all TV models and you may have to make a prior setting. However, the process is so comfortable and simple that it is worth trying it.

How to spend photos of your gallery to your mobile device

The _Capture button (????) of Nintendo Switch is a wonder: we can treasure the best moments of our favorite games and save them on the memory card, pass them to the microSD card or share them on Twitter with ease. What if we simply want to have them by hand on the photo album of our mobile ? Well, there is a very interesting solution: we can send it to any smart camera with camera.

To pass up to ten photos the process is simple :

  • We go to the photo gallery_ (???? ️) and we choose the image that we want to send.
  • When the on-screen image appears, we choose publicar and edit and then End to an intelligent device
  • The Internet connection of the console will be interrupted and we will be asked if we want to send only that photo or several. We chose what we most interest us.
  • Final Mind, A QR code will be enabled that we must scan with the device camera (mobile, tablet, etc) to which we want to send) once scanned a second code will appear that will open a web page with the selected catches.
  • The final step is the simplest of all: we keep the switch catches that we want from our device in the same way in which any image is saved from the web or mobile browser we use.

While we can send up to a maximum of ten images, we can repeat the process as many times as we want.

Modify the assignment of buttons at your whim

Do not you get used to the configuration of default buttons of a particular game? Is one of your buttons give you problems and want to improve your victorias streak? One of the advantages of switch is that you can put the buttons to your liking and easily . A perfect solution, everything is said, for those who prefer or have the need to play using only a joy with.

The process is simple: we are going to configuration of the console (☼) and there we went down to the controls tab and sensors. In that section, we will find the option to change the assignment of buttons in the second tab. The rest already depends on how you want to play.

Read your last 30 seconds of game in a video clip

In videogames there are such epic or fun moments that a simple image does not do them justice. Luckily, in Switch we can create a video clip instantly and instantly: it is enough to keep two seconds press the _Capture button (????) and will be saved the last seconds of our departure in our Image Gallery.

How to associate a joy with or a traditional wireless control in record time in TV mode

Match the controls in Nintendo Switch does not have too much mystery: we go to the specific section of the main menu (which has an icon that represents a Joy with) and we follow the steps that are indicated on the screen. However, there is a much faster and more efficient method:

  • If we want to associate a Joy with a Switch model 2017, 2019 or OLED just attach them to the console and in a matter of a second you will have recognized them. You can carry out the process as many times as you want and then, if you are going to use the multiplayer, set the order on the control assignment screen.
  • If we want to associate the speed of the lightning a traditional wireless control will be enough with connect it via a USB cable to the console Dock when this is in TV mode. You will be asked to push the upper buttons and paired instantly.

It is no longer needed to keep in mind that it is also possible to match Joy with and wireless controls to Switch Lite, however the process is the traditional and has its logic: this console is designed to be used mainly in portable mode.

Did the joy have been stuck with in the mooring? Try this trick

If you have a Joy Cons couple and you usually play with you mooring in games like Mario Party is quite likely that it has happened to you: Slide the rails in the wrong sense and you are stuck and badly positioned.

From here you can use the strength or something of a dorm, and logically we recommend the second: If you look good, you will see how small Topes or metallic tabs prevent it from continuing by sliding the mooring. What you have to do, in essence, is very carefully use a “flat” screwdriver and lift that piece and you will see how it creates easier.

Said, we know that you really want to start playing, but sometimes it is advisable to stop a second and see the brand of the grips to avoid these problems, so that coincide the more symbol and the less of the grip with our Joy with .

Use your joy with other devices, including mobile devices

The Joy with is a bit of magic, but did you know that you could use it on other devices beyond Switch? When using a Bluetooth connection system you can detect them and configure them on PC through the Windows settings themselves.

The process is as simple as accessing the _ configuration of Windows_ and accessing dispositives. From there, we add a new Bluetooth device and We stop the inner button (synchronization) of the Joy with that we want to associate our device until it detects it.

The process for mobile devices is not very different: it will be enough to access the Bluetooth menu and link our Joy with holding up the mini-command synchronization button that we want to use on it.

Control better the consumption of your battery with these three simple tricks

Time is passing flying when we are playing open world games The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or The Witcher III. However, this type of titles also require a particularly high battery consumption that will reduce our game time two or three hours depending on what switch model we have. While, it will be to squeeze to the maximum that time, too we offer you a couple of advice.

  • The first is that, if it is a game that you have planned to play without internet or without connections, use The airplane mode of the console. This can only be used in portable or console table mode, not In TV mode, and all wireless communications, such as wireless or Bluetooth connection will be deactivated.

You may want to use the joy with desktop mode using airplane mode. Luckily, there is that option: we are going to configuration of the console (☼), we access airplane and enable connection with the controls (Bluetooth). Otherwise, as you can wait, you can not play the console with the jog-with retired controls.

  • A second advice: if we go to configuration of the console (☼), we go to topics and we activate the simple black theme not only will you thank you with our sight when we play at night, but we will save a tiny amount of consumption Of battery. Is enough to complete a circuit in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? It depends on who you choose and how good you are.

Nintendo Switch: 14 Useful Settings for Beginners. PART 1
* Finally, shorten the time in which the console is inactive from configuration of the console (☼) and the waiting tab _Mods. If you are not going to be using it, do not waste those valuable minutes of game on laptop that you are going to end off when you are away from a plug.

Check the game hours of your favorite videogames

Find out how much time we have dedicated to games like Breath of the Wild is relatively simple since there is a registration of hours, but not all games offer that option. The good news (or not so good) is that we can find out the approximate amount of hours we have dedicated to each title from our own console.

  • The first thing we must do is go to our -user. Our player icon found in the main menu up to the left.
  • Then, we go to the perfil tab, the first one there is, and just below our main image we will see the _Historial of used programs.

Are not you interested in other players see this information? No problems: From the tab Adjusts of users we can define who can see what we play and what access to our history of used programs.

Did you know that the sound of the screen changes?

At this point of the game you will surely know that when you are going to unlock your switch you can ring four alternative noises with the ZR, ZL buttons and pressing the two analog sticks. But, did you know that the sound pressing the screen in the interface also changes?

If you touch the screen anywhere in the console menu that does not start an action or execute a program or game a very characteristic species will be issued. This sound, in turn, varies depending on the type or pressure time . Perhaps Nintendo Switch is not like the occarina of time, but it has a special magic and its sounds give margin to be creative.

Three simple ways to check the switch battery to the flight

It does not make sense to worry about the battery of our console when it is connected to the Dock in TV mode or plugged into the power grid, but in portable mode it is convenient to review how much charge we have left before entering a dungeon or taking a more online match. The default battery indicator helps us get an idea but, of course, it is not the same to be 20% than 10%. We have three solutions:

  • The first of them is simple: Click on the battery icon at the interface and the load percentage will be displayed on the screen. As simple as it sounds.
  • The second of them, if you do not want to touch the screen, it is just as simple: Press the ZR and ZL buttons at the same time and will jump that percentage in the console interface.
  • ** Do you prefer to always have it in sight?

These three options can also be used in the middle of a game and without having to go out to the interface from the Quick Settings menu , pressing the HOME (⌂) button for two seconds.

You can now connect your console to other audio devices with Bluetooth

A very interesting benefit, although it has been slow to get more than desired: You can now connect any helmet, equipment or audio device with Bluetooth.

  • The process: we are going to configuration of the console (☼), we go down to Audio through Bluetooth and access Add device. The console will seek and detect the ones you have nearby and you will only be linked.

From here it is to make two considerations: it is not possible to use Bluetooth microphones and the number of wireless controls that we can connect when we use it will be limited to two. No departures to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to eight with helmets.

How to find a joy with lost

Nintendo’s mini commands are wonderful, but we must admit that sometimes are lost too easily . Luckily, one of the news that came after the launch will save us more than one scare: The option to look for controls.

The process is very simple: In the main menu of the console, we select Mando S (????) and, there, we choose the option Buscar controls. We choose the icon of the command you want to search and it will begin to issue a Vibration that will make it easier for us to find it.

There are two nuances to take into account. From the entrance we have to have previously configured that command or Joy with lost with the switch that we are using to look for it. On the other hand, and for logic reasons, if it is on a soft surface, they do not have a battery or have the low battery will not feel the vibration.

Find easily players with which you have shared online games

Did you just have a climbing game at SPLATOON 2, OVERWATCH or Fortnite and do not want to lose that valuable teammate? No problem. While, there are games like Pokémon Unite that allow you to add players in an internal way, Nintendo Switch registers and allows adding or requesting friendship to our recent companions.

The process is simple. We go to the page of our profile or that we have used to play online (the top left icon) and we went down to the tab of Addir friend. Then, we enter the option Buscate users with which you have played and you will find a list with all games and players.

An extra point: this also works on both senses, so if a player has a little sporty aptitude we can also block it from the same option. Here the important thing is to have a good time!

What is the change of region and how to access content from other ESHOP

Nintendo Switch is a console without blocking region , and the truth is that this is something that has occurred sometimes very part by the Great N: Unlike Nintendo 3DS or SNES, you can use without problems or adapters From third software on game card or digital acquired in the United States, Europe or Japan (for example) on your console. Including those games that are not thrown in the West.

Said, in the case of digital software there is a nuance: the downloadable content only works with games that are available in the same region as the downloadable content. And, by default, the region of our console is the same What about our Nintendo account. Given this, and if we are interested in a particular game, we have two options:

  • Create a new account in the console itself (preferable) whose default region is any of the five offered by Nintendo: Japan, America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand or Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.
  • It is also possible to migrate ours to another region. This is recommended in cases where we are moving to another country or we want our Nintendo account to be associated with that region, since the Nintendo Eshop balance That we have will not be transferred if we change the country or region of your Nintendo account.

The process to change the region of a new account created for this or of ours is the same: with the selected profile we are going to configuration of the console (☼), we go down to the console tab (the last) and finally in the Region option We chose the one we want.

How to put a time limit of use to Nintendo Switch

As we comment, one of the advantages of switch is that it is a perfect console for all audiences, including the little ones in the house. However, that spending more time than adequate is not good. Neither for you nor for the not so small. Luckily, there is an interesting way of set reasonable time limits game.

Nintendo Switch has a function and mobile app with parental control settings, which allows access to different levels of predetermined restriction by age or establish ours, and if we want to change the conditions on the fly. Something that is very well explained in the next official video.

On the other hand, we leave the links below to download the parental control application for iOS and Android.

  • Nintendo parental control app on Android
  • Nintendo Parental Control App on iPhone or iPad

Have you set the settings and do not remember the password? Well, that can happen to every1. Luckily, Nintendo takes into account offers a solution to recover it through its official website.

  • Restore the password of parental control

From here, play moderate-or automoder- with what we want to play and the time we have. But that is already something that we can not help you too much.

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