Two particularly tricky cases for Club

Three victories in a row, a full “chapel” in training, a hot competition and many difficult personnel decisions, who “hurt” Robert Klauß, according to his statement “Wurten” – the requirements of FCN for the awayivism on Sunday in Hanover could be truly worse.

But in turn: Center-back Christoph Schindler can go into the header duels without any restriction. Why this is worth a special mention to the coach, hanging together with the nasal fraction, which Schindler had drawn on the HSV at 2: 1 – or with the carbon mask that the 31-year-old was missing in the middle of the week. After two units with unfamiliar protection, the result is: sitting, fits and, above all, does not bother. Thus, Schindler’s use is nothing in the way of 96.

The latter applies to FCN on almost all actors, with the exception of the yellow-locked Lino Tempelmann, the long-term reconvalescent Felix Lohkemper and possibly the Storm Talent Dennis Borkowski, which is kinked in training. This means that the scramble is great, just to get a ticket for the matchday gate. And because the coach has seen a consistently good, concentrated training week of his players, the nomination of the bid in herself clausch and his staff will prepare a lot of head break. “I know that I will disappoint some of them,” says Klauß, which this agony of choice still likely to be a lot rather than a choice of lack of alternatives without pondering.

Valentini or Fischer – Who is allowed to ran from the beginning?

No less tricky, it will name the starting formation, where there is “only” about two positions: right rear signed up captain Enrico Valentini after two missed games for two because of a corona quarantine, and in the defensive headquarters of the midfield is in the double sect The place next to Fabian Nürnberger due to Tempelmann’s lock Vakant.

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The trickle looks like this in detail. Right back, the young Defensivallrounder Kilian Fischer (21) brought in the summer, the 33-year-old captain at the 2-0 in Rostock first and then strongly represented against the HSV – and seen on the defensive as the offensive as strong that it is actually No reason gives to put it on the bank. On the other hand, Valentini was also good on the right side before his forced break on the right, the 2-0 against Regensburg, the last game before his forced break, he was one of the best field players in the square. And not to forget his great significance for the team away from blocking or initiating attacks – or with the words of his “competitor” Fischer: “He is very important to our captain and for us on the course.” Thus, he had no problem with it, or understanding, if he experiences the kick-off of the bank on Sunday. However, Klauß should not be guided, he has to decide what the FCN against Hanover is better to face: the teenagers, greater dynamics Fischer, or Valentinis routine, coupled with his influence on the team?

Also in the midfield Klauts has the agony of choice

The question of the Tempelmann replacement is a bit of far the same length: here Tom Krauß, the 20-year-old, aggressive and dynamic disrupmer, there Johannes Geiss, the 28-year-old, ball-safe and with a good look for the room equipped strategist. What both are mean: this year has not been theirs yet, they are looking for the best form.

What the defensive work is concerned can still replace each of the two temple man in his way, provided that the team order suits as in the past three games. It looks different with the dynamic, roomy stows of the locked: they are not completely one-to-one to compensate for and are therefore missing a bit far away. Decisive? Not mandatory, the team can catch this in the network, especially since Nuremberg’s introduction of the forward gear can tear each opponent out of order.

What the Club Trainer says? In both cases, in both cases before the graduation training on Saturday has already set his decision, but will not be announced. How it looks like? A tip: Fischer and Krauß! Or quite different?

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