Why wanner stays in the German U 17 for the time being

The upcoming vocation Paul Tül in the German U 17 has taken care of the FC Bayern and in Wanner’s environment for astonishment, one went from a nomination in Antonio di Salvos U 21. After DFB information, U-17 National Trainer Marc-Patrick Master turned onto vehemently and fought for a remaining bath in his team.

A justification did not want to deliver Meister on Friday, instead referred to the press office of the DFB, who expresses himself in writing to nominate waters as follows: “Paul Wather is an extraordinary talent, and we look forward to him that his development at FC Bayern Munich now was rewarded with the first Bundesliga inserts. Our common goal with Paul and the association is to continue to promote this talent in the best possible way. Paul needs a lot of ambition and challenges, but above all, game practice and patience. This game practice can be in the U 17, received in a familiar environment. “

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Stuttgart instead of Hoffenheim

In fact, game practice for the 16-year-old is important and indispensable for its development. Although he trains regularly in the Profitam of Julian Nagelsmann, 2022, however, he has not yet posted no commitment with a total of 36 minutes of playing time in the Bundesliga with a total of 36 minutes. This will change this weekend: Wanner does not go to DFB information with Hoffenheim, but strengthens the U 19 of FC Bayern in the semi-finals of the DFB junior trophy, where on Sunday at 11 o’clock the VfB Stuttgart is the opponent.

other nations go other ways

While in other countries such as Spain, great talents incur a very early in older vintages, the DFB defends the way with Wanner in his statement on the DFB: “The chance to sniff in the club’s first profile and to take responsibility in parallel with national team level under the same age as well as important Game practice to get on competition level, we have made possible in recent years many players together with the clubs. In our view, this is the most valuable for the individual development of Paul. “

The DFB refers to the example of Kai Hvertz. At the situation, however, something can change quickly, as the last sentence of the opinion shows: “Of course we observe the development continuously. If we together believe that Paul is a new challenge in his development Guttut, there is always the possibility to use it in higher vintages. “

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