NBA News: Lebron James and Kevin Durant criticize New Yorks IMPF Regulation

The Case Kyrie Irving beats high waves in the NBA. Now Lebron James and Kevin Durant have criticized the IMPF Regulation in New York City, which allows the Nets star to look at home games, but not play themselves. The mayor has reacted with a clear opinion.

Kevin Durant Responding To LeBron James Fan Who Calls Him Out For Joining Warriors!

“Pretty everyone in the world is now confused. Even at the beginning of the season, people did not understand what happens there, but now that’s just stupid,” Kevin said Durant, having the Nets with 53 points to a 110: 107 victory had led against the New York Knicks.

Irving was present for the first time in this season with a home game of his team in the arena, but he was allowed to watch. Since the 29-year-old does not want to vaccinate against the coronavirus, he may not incur for his employer due to a local Regulation in New York City.

The duty of evidence of a vaccine was recently repealed to visit an indoor event. Irving worried courside tickets for the game against the knicks, in the half-time break he accompanied his teammates in the cabin.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Durant. “I do not understand it. It makes the impression as if someone tries to set a statement or to let his authority play. Everyone here is looking for attention. I have the feeling that the mayor also wants the mayor: attention. This gives everything no sense. Hopefully you will soon find a solution, Eric. “

Thus, KD said the mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, directly. Previously, superstar LeBron James had expressed his displeasure about the status of Irving. A Tweet that brought his current situation in Brooklyn commented on the Lakers star like this: “Facts, Facts, Facts !! It gives absolutely zero sense !!!” At the end of his tweets, LeBron put the Hashtag “Freekyrie”.

Irving has not yet completed a home game in the current season and was as “part-time player” only in 18 away games in the parquet (25.9 points and 5.4 assists). Maybe the Corona rules in Brooklyn could be further loosened in the coming weeks, so that the Point Guard may also recover in home games.

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Mayor Adams responded to the criticism of LeBron and Durant with a simple solution proposal: “Kyrie could play tomorrow. Let me vacate!”

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