Cheats Family Island: Get energy and diamonds for free

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If you are looking for Family Island tricks and you want to continue improving your island easily and quickly, you have reached the right place. You are not the only player who has run out of energy ahead of time.

Below we tell you how to earn free energy and others Family Island tricks so you can keep playing without pause and taking advantage of all the resources of your island to grow faster.

Free energy tricks in Family Day

Below we leave you with a series of Family Day tricks that you can take advantage of get energy without paying money . You do not need to do anything weird – and you should distrust all those tricks that involve paying or using a card to get them – so you can use them without fear.

  • Take advantage of the berries to get energy.
  • Save always food to sit at the table when you need it.
  • Go to the island’s totem to fill energy.
  • Perform actions consume energy, but remember that it is also rewarded with energy.
  • Go to other islands to open chests with energy.
  • Use dynamite to destroy the highest number of objects possible.

In addition to these basic actions you can always go to advertising videos to get free diamonds with which to replenish your energy or, if you have material, try to convert them into experience points to reach a new level and fill the energy meter of Family Island .

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