Critique de Battle for Neighborville (Switch)

Plants vs zombies: Battle for Neighborville is a game I did not know too much before getting started. I knew his predecessors, Garden Warfare and Garden Warfare 2, but I never played any of them. As a fan of third-person shooting games like Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto, and multiplayer games like Overwatch, I was interested in plants vs.zombies: Battle for Neighborville So when the opportunity to review the game S ‘Is presented, and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised to see how much I enjoyed my time with the game.

Originally released in 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 by the developer, Popcap, Battle for Neighborville finally made his way to Nintendo Switch under QLOC’s responsibility. The game offers a variety of characters, dynamic and thematic worlds and a firing and addictive firing gameplay.

Unlike its predecessors, Battle for Neighborville surprisingly offers a solo mode. Now, I would not recommend choosing this game based on his only player. If you are looking for an exciting story or a long countryside, you will probably be quite disappointed. However, if you are just looking for a series of solo fun missions to undertake between or instead of multiplayer games, then Battle for Neighborville is an excellent choice for you.

The missions to a player can load you from everything: save plants in difficulty, kill hordes of enemies, defend an area or slaughter a boss. The variety of solo mode is quite extensive and makes each mission sufficiently different from the previous one to interest you to play. The missions in question are dispersed in the central world of Sundrop Hills. You can browse the world freely, accept missions and activities, while avoiding or killing enemies scattered in the city, such as games like Borderlands or Saints Row. You will also find that you will play on the plants, with a variety of attack, defense, support and swarm characters to choose from. The game also offers a variety of enemies and exciting boss battles that actually offer a decent challenge.

If you are kind to cringe at the sound of a play of words or a cheese joke, so the solo could be difficult for you to sit because the name and location of almost all characters are a kind of word game, cool Olds at Air Ron. However, if this type of humor does not bother you, the game can be quite funny and could even make you smile.

Battle for Neighborville offers a variety of multiplayer options from King of the Hill and Turf Takeover mode to your standard DeathMatch, Team Vanquish mode. Depending on the team in which you land, you will either choose from the same selection of plants of plants playable in solo mode, or a selection of zombies of the same class types.

Online multiplayer seems to work well according to my experience. I had no trouble finding a match and I found the variety of game types and the pleasant level of competition for a newcomer in the series. The world of the hub, however, is extremely confusing and too busy. You have the option to access some of the online game modes via a menu, but they will only contribute somewhat to mitigate this problem because they always make you appear in the world of the hub, just at the correct location.

Une version SWITCH de qualité | Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville | Nintendo Switch

Given the types of games offered and classes of characters among which choosing, Battle for Neighborville looks like a version to the third person of Overwatch with his own style and own world.

Speaking of style, the game is really beautiful – most of the time. Functioning on the frostbite engine, Battle for Neighborville is an incredibly dynamic and elegant game that seems rather impressive on the Nintendo switch when it is anchored. However, the resolution decreases in portable mode, which eliminates a lot of details of the game, and for an experience as busy as it is quite perceptible. The world itself is really cool and seems very well thought out and detailed, but it’s easy to get lost in all that happens – a problem that does not grow in mobile mode.

Between the unique artistic style, the drawings of plants and zombies for which the series is known, and the fun and exciting music, plants vs.zombies: Battle for Neighborville is easily recognizable and has done a great job to establish its brand and its mark universe.

Overall, I spent a really fun moment with Battle for Neighborville and I still feel that they did not make the surface on the amount of gameplay and replayability offered by the game. If you Look for an easy title to pick up and play with a fun game to the third and chaotic, then Battle for Neighborville is a great choice for you. However, if you are looking for a deep story or if you are discouraged by a “childish” writing, it may be better to avoid choosing this game. Although I think this game is ideal for all ages, I would definitely recommend from Choosing it for a child enough to enter a shooting game, but too young for more mature games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends – if they like Splatoon, they will love Battle for Neighbourville! ****

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