SSVG Velbert takes over the table management after derby victory

Much worse did not have the signs before the CityBerry for the SC Velbert: At the weekend it sat down a 0: 8 with black and white food, the mood was near the zero point. And to all overflow, the SSVG Velbert is a heavyweight of the league. At the Sportclub, the own laws of a Derbies was confronted before the Wednesday game, almost a bit pleading.

Final Confrontation 2021 - After-Show
But in fact, 350 spectators was the SC, who found better into the game. After just under ten minutes it could have been 1: 0, if not. Deniz was prevented from Urban in the very last second of Urban, shortly thereafter, Testorwart Lenz in the highest need against Bühring, Gülmez awarded the rebound.

Aydin breaks the spell

In the course of the first half, the encounter was balanced. In the 42nd minute, the big favorite went in the lead. Aydin brought a distance shot from 30 meters placed on the net. But the SC Velbert continued to believed in itself, Bosshammer’s shot clapped in the postpone of the first passage to the post. In return, REC scratched a shot of Aydin from the line.

The SSVG caught the better start in the second game section, in the 50th minute pusher had to hold the foot with a walk from the wing only the foot, 2: 0. Rotated the championship candidate continued his evening, powered in minute 57 a free kick into the SC gate. Now it was the game that most observers expected before kick-off: the SSVG Velbert practiced dominance and had the more dangerous degrees. Failed Weissenfels in the 70th minute still in one-to-one goalkeeper Garweg, he laid six pointer turns later across Glowacki, which increased to 4: 0. In the 80th minute, the Bible verse is “who does other good, it’s good, who helps others are helped”. Namely, Weissenfels got a crosspass individually served and the third league-experienced attacker only had to insertion. The 5: 0 was the final point. Thanks to the Derby victory, the team of coach Heakeyfe Dogan is back on one of the Oberliga Niederrhein.

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