Quantic Dream denies rumors about Star Wars Eclipse

A few weeks later since it was revealed Star Wars Eclipse, Multiple rumors began to emerge ensuring that Quantic Dream was having problems with the development of the game, and as a consequence, its launch would have been delayed until 2027 or plus. Well, now his developers have come out to deny all this, although they were very careful with his words.

In statements for PlayStation Lifestyle , the public relations agency of Quantic Dream denied that the study was having problems recruiting personnel, mentioning that their workforce had increased by up to 50% for 2021. Additionally, They mentioned that and Star Wars Eclipse still does not even have a launch window, so all these rumors about their delay could not be true.

Apparently, the French study was not having personnel recruit after in 2018 cases of toxicity are uncovered within Quantic Dream , and the David Cage, Director of the team, was involved. Years later , Quantic Dream won the trial against him but his public image was stained and people did not want to work with them anymore. It seems that this was not the case, and in theory, the development of Star Wars Eclipse would be advancing consistently.

Quantic Dream DENIES Star Wars Eclipse Delay + Hiring Struggles
Editor’s note: Well, this does not necessarily say that Star Wars Eclipse will not get to 2027. It sounds like the project could have been announced too early, and now Quantic Dream is suffering the consequences. We hope that at some point of this year we have more news about it.

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