Science ADV series latest work “Anonymous code (Anonymous; Code)” released on July 28. On April 1st for the first time in gameplay

Mages. Mages. On March 18, the Scientific Adventure Series “ Anonymous Code (Anonymous; Code) ” will be released on July 28th. Supported platforms are Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4.

“Anonymous Code” is the latest work by Shimikura Chienmaru and Scientific ADV series produced staff who have worked on “STEINS; GATE” and “Chaos; Child”. Since the production was announced in 2015, since it was 2015, it will finally reach the released after 7 years (PS VITA version originally planned is released).

The stage of this work is Tokyo and Nakano in 2037. In the world of this work, large-scale disaster Sudda Morning caused by digital standard clock overflow, and major cities around the world are destroyed. In such a near future, Takaoka Pediary (commonly known as Polon) of the protagonist of “Save & Road” is the truth of the “Earth Simulator” that moves the world by meeting a stranger girl and Azaki. It is said that the story going approaching is drawn.

Anonymous;Code Teaser Trailer
PV 5th edition is released in this release date announcement. The game play screen of this work was shown for the first time. The visuals of the character’s standing picture are very impressive and moving visuals. In addition, scenes such as accessing and powered by the power supply system and a scene whether or asked to load data are also seen, and what kind of game play is interesting content.

“Anonymous code (Anonymous; Code)” will be released on July 28 for Nintendo Switch / PS4. In addition, at 20:00 on April 1, the world’s first public game delivery of Motomichi by Shikura Chienmaru will be implemented. Details will be announced later.

  • Shikura Chiyamaru releases a part of the game play video.

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