Pokemon: Parents succeed Fan with true treasure – without knowing it

When it comes to Pokémon, rare and well-maintained collecting cards, editions and more considerable yields can contribute. While many fans are true to the hunt for such treasures, a fan so a rarity is now just fallen into the lap.

Pokémon is in Hype

Everything that has to do justest with Pokémon is straight high in the course in collectors and oldschool fans of the series. You still have well-preserved trading cards from the 90s? Auctions you for a fortune and you have no thoughts anymore to make money.

The retro hype closes not only cards with one, but of course the old games. Also for “Game Boy” games you get in your original packaging around the 100 Euro on various online portals.

Some collectors preserve these treasures for years for years. But Reddit User Lanai has come to a somewhat strange way to a still welded specimen of Pokémon: Blue Edition – by whose parents.

Where did the ignorant parents have the Pokémon game?

In a reddit post, Lanai now shares a picture of the welded edition that could still bring in a small fortune. The fan declares that his or her parents had asked if he or she would like to have a new Pokémon game – and then simply presented this gold piece: **

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In the comments, the fan goes more closely onto the story. Accordingly, the father had bought the Blue Edition his child’s birthday, lost them somewhere and then simply given the Red Edition. Now that the parents have gone in pension, they have when cleaning up of the family house still the welded, lost copy found.

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A forgotten birthday present is recovered years later. Pokémon: Blue Edition for the Game Boy today has a high value – but not only a priced, but also a sentimental. After receiving the gift, the surprised Pokémon fan has probably entertained extensively with the parents about the beginnings of the Pokémon Hypes and how much the series means him or her.

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