The pretty Metroidvania Souldiers will be released on May 19th on all platforms

Good news on the side of Dear Villagers, whose aldiers not only obtained an exit date but also new platforms to express themselves. Advertised so far on Switch and Steam, this Metroidvania designed by Retro Forge will also be available on PlayStation and Xbox on May 19, 2022.


Developed by half a dozen Madrilenians with the support of the French label, Souldiers is an action-RPG which claims a full-bodied level of challenge. The player will start by choosing his style of play between the three classes offered. The scout is a balanced fighter incapable of exploiting magic but whose shield allows him to absorb many attacks and counter-attack quickly with his sword. Less powerful, the archer put on mobility, dods and remote combat. As for the mage, it is a risky choice that sacrifices health for a great firepower. The rise in the range of these characters is carried out after each level gained by an automatic reinforcement of statistics but also by the distribution of a masterpiece to spend in the skill tree of its class.

“_Soulders merges the lateral scroll action / adventure games with more contemporary design principles. We wanted to capture the speed and readability of classic 2D metroidvanias with a more modern complex combat system, leaving the players to adapt their Hero to their specific game style. We think it’s the perfect marriage between the old and the new and we are looking forward to playing Souldiers at his release on May 19, “says Alberto Hernández, Creative Director At Retro Forge.

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