[Planning] How do I play future gamers?

A graphics that are almost similar to the actual, are emerging, and the development of the new sinsamic technology is incredibly faster when the PC and the performance of the PC and the performance are similar. I have seen a post “What is a game machine in 10 years ago?” Most of the “Famioc”, ‘Game Boy’, said, but the correct answer was ‘PlayStation 3’. If it is more precise, the first release date is 2006, not ten years ago, but it is a game called game machine.

Every time a state-of-the-art technology appears, the game has also been afraid growth. It will be easy to experience even if the standards of high quality graphics are different between 10 years. At this point, in 2032 and 2042, I can not wonder what games are in any environment. Indeed, the technology that appears in the film or comics will be on a simple delusion, or in the future, it is so natural for such a technology in the future.

Now, now in the advanced technology world of the day, now, there is a difference in the latest technology and distant future technology, and I will imagine how the technology can develop. It’s just a simple delusion, but it is a technology that has already been dreamed from the past, and how to play the footage of technology, however, how is the future gamer game?

‘Cloud Games’ from Performance Constraints
If you have only internet,

Do you remember the cloud game that came up like a comet in 2019. If only the Internet is connected, there is a advantage that the service that can be transferred to the game information in real time in the cloud server and plays the game to the user’s computer specification. It was also attracted to the next generation of game services that use cloud game services to use cloud game services in a spherical notebook that actually uses the built-in graphics card.

Currently, Google Stadia, NVIDIA’s GeForce Naui, MS’s X-Cloud, and MS is providing cloud game services, and it is also providing similar services in a variety of companies.

However, unlike what was called the innovation of the platform, it is not showing the present pronounced position. The biggest reasons for the fault is that consistent at the physical distance, which occurs with simaced delays. As the distance of the server and the user is far, the delay occurs during the game, the result of a critical game is a critical game that can not be enjoyed properly.

But if the technology that innovates data transmission in the future, what happens? If you think of the benefits of cloud games, you are called innovation of platforms. If you are connected to only the Internet, you can play the game of the high-end game without being courteous. You can also enjoy a computer for a computer to play a high-end computer, and you can enjoy a game of high-ends with a smartphone.

If the inconvenience caused by the delay time disappears, it is likely that there is only a device to make a cloud game. It is not possible to optimize data transmission, including a high-performance CPU or GPU, but it will not be able to change parts and high-performance displays, controllers and highlight portability to optimize data transmission.

In addition, if the cloud game is the industry’s standard, it is possible to adopt a new subscription service as well as a new subscription service. For example, it is a highly developed augmented reality game that allows for a high-end game that can be played without being courteous. ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Biohazard’, which are augmented in the street, close to the ‘Pokemon GO’ close to the graphics, may be released.

If most gamers use cloud game services, the criteria of recommended specifications may also be changed when developing games. Currently, for popularization, the game specifications are not to match the latest graphics card based on the latest graphics cards, but to meet the graphics cards released before now. If all users are out of the system specifications, it is not necessary to lower the recommended specification graphics, so the graphic of the whole game is, as well as the graphics of the whole game, as well as the standards of optimization can be changed.

Meanwhile, the cloud game may not be far more than a stable idea. As a mobile basis, the current 5G technology is sufficiently accomplished, so compared to the time when the cloud game service is just started, the delay time is improved. Although the distance proportional communication delays that have yet to be mentioned earlier, there is no plan to solve the fundamental problem that increases together, but it is an area that can be improved sufficiently if the server is dispersed or installed or an innovative transmission method appears.

The cloud game service needs to be technical stabilized to settle in earnest, but it is necessary to appeal to the gamers again. Easy accessibility and subscription service, which is the highest advantage of the service, which emphasizes that it is possible to easily and quickly enjoy a variety of games, and it would be possible to get the benefits of technology development as much as possible if you increase the kiling title.

Ultra light, real ‘VR’
The real virtual reality game spreading in front of the eyes

The VR game is definitely charming game rather. In a general game, it can be a special experience that you can not get through. But until now, VR games were definitely satisfactory. The game that has been experienced in the VR game, like the ‘Half Life: Alix’, which was seen in the valve, was not only a few.

There are many reasons why the public does not feel great interest in VR games. First, to enjoy VR games, you have to purchase separate VR devices, but prices are still expensive, so it still causes frustration in heavy and worn. VR unique dizziness can not be ignored. It is not easy for this frustration, not the game that ends a short game, and it is not easy to reach it public. To use a full-body tracker, it takes a relatively large space, so it is also a burdensome that constraints are placed in place.

Also, even if you have purchased VR devices, it is also not much to do. In fact, this part would not be the biggest obstacle. Excluding the ‘Half Life: Alix’ mentioned above, you will not feel that you are so expensive and purchasing VR devices. Recently, various VR games are being released, but VR’s boxing will be a distant story, as long as it is a reliable title of the platform.

▲ Two years have passed, but still wearing and having fun, ‘Half Life: Alix’
However, the advantage of VR games is clear. It is that you can feel that you can not feel in general games. I think that the keyboard and the mouse can only have a game when I played a game that can not be implemented in a motion that can not be implemented. Since the game can be done by blocking and throwing the blurring of the flies with a chair that is rolling around and throwing the actual body, the game is not improved, and the game will not feel monotonous, and the extreme immersion feeling. If you have a VR game, you will come to the direction of VR games, and if you are going to reduce the disadvantage,

First, it is necessary to increase the light weight and portability of the VR device. This problem must be resolved in the same product that is written in a state that is worn directly on the body, unlike the keyboard, mouse, which is only available. Fortunately, this part is showing the latest VR devices, the better than the previous model. It is also one of the positive changes to change wirelessly from wired.

VR mules are not perfect, but the movement for improvement is continuing. Most causes of people feel VR motion are sensory crashes, but to optimize the sense similar to reality in software to offset it, or optimize for the appearance of the eyes. In November 20, the development of the world’s first VR fuming analysis technology in Korea, and the more relevant data, the more relevant data, the fully improved.

There is also a device for people who do not have to make a place when trying to use full tracker. The latest product can be implemented as long as the treadmill technology to fix the body and move the floor and move the floor. Although the price is still expensive, the price is expensive and there is a few problems such as restricting to the implementable game, but it is not bad in that it is not in the way that there is a way to recognize the operation with the camera.

Meanwhile, Palmer Lucky, the founder of Oculus, is a special guest on the ‘Sword Art Online – X-Chronic – Online Edition’ event, “Sod Art Online Full Dive Technology can be realized in the future,” did.

This technique is being studied in the actual reality in the way that the VR device that appears in the work is directly connected to the brain (hereinafter referred to as a method of directly connecting the machine to the brain (hereinafter referred to as BCI). However, since it is still a stepmore step, it should be exceeded a lot of gateways until a movie or a cartoon. The method mentioned by Palmer Lucky is a way of utilizing the optical projector to send visual data directly to the user’s eyes. If you use this method, you can emerge the display with the VR of the display as now, but a completely different VR device can emerge, but maybe it can show a much natural look in VR meals.

In addition, in the past 2020, the Gave Newwell CEO of the valve COO was mentioned about the BCI, and how the valve to take advantage of the BCI in the game. According to his words, the valve is planning an open source BCI software project, and he said that he is an open source project to access brain signal decryption technology through a headset.

If the BCI sector is more active than now, it may be possible to disappear the keyboard and mouse that are often used, and you may be able to manipulate the instrument with the gain. The technology has already been a reality that is not a dream, not a dream that Singkon Thomas Oxley CEO, a BCI developer, Sinklon’s Thomas Oxley CEO, without a keyboard.

In fact, VR was not so long that VR came to consumers in earnest. It is a new business in the 7th year after starting in 2015, starting with the commercial product only. Comparing the VR products and the latest products in the early days, it is possible to confirm that tremendous development is true. As the first mobile phone that seemed like a brick is the current smartphone in 30 years, if innovative technology appears, ‘Reddie Player One’ may be a reality that is not imagined.

Life-like Gaming is Now Possible (Thanks to A.I.)

‘Graphics’ breaking the boundaries of reality and virtual world **
Shake visual information with real graphics

The “Matrix awareness” released in TGA 2021 is a tech demo, which was produced as a next-generation Unreal Engine 5, and it became a topic of the quality graphics that are similar to the reality and almost reality. The tech demo was downloaded from the next generation console device and was actually experienced, but it was somewhat lacking in optimization, but he showed hope that the game of graphics, such as reality, which shows the overwhelming graphics performance and physical engines.

The virtual reality that the virtual reality mentioned above is also important, but the game that will play on the appliance is also very important. If the virtual world feels like a real reality, it is necessary to make some extent that the world is not exactly the same as reality and 100%. Humans are absolutely dependent on the time of visual information in the time of visual information. If you can deceive your eyes, do not you make a virtual world feel like real reality?

Today’s graphics technology has already developed that it has already been difficult to distinguish between actual and graphics. It is not simply a graphic in the game. CG technology used in movies and dramas is also strictly, and it should be a graphical technology. The CG technology used in the blockbuster movies of Hollywood is equipped with a technology that is made of CG treatment without activity. Even if this scene, this scene is a graphic, it is a real thing that seems to be a real scene.

However, there are many technical problems that need to be passed in the game in the game in the game. The film belongs to the image medium that plays the created image. In other words, CG operations require a tremendous performance computer, but if they only complete the completion, they do not need a high operation operation because they only play back.

On the other hand, the game is different from the movie. The player should interact with the game world, such as touching the world and touching the world and converting with the NPC. In other words, you should just show the graphics that change only the finished image, but not the end, but a real time depending on the user’s behavior.

Therefore, the higher the quality of the graphic, the higher the computer operation. It is simply a complicated operation in the operation of swing the knife, and the higher the number of polygons, the smaller the operation is soft, but the operation becomes more complicated.

If you create a game with CG used in the movie, you will need a computer with a tremendous performance like a highest supercomputer. It is only possible to play a supercomper to play only for a game, so it is an imagination that is so far from the reality, so it is necessary to raise the performance of the hardware overwhelmingly or change the graphics of the hardware to dramatically upgrade the graphics used in the game. There is.

A quantum computer that rises to a next-generation computer maybe an answer. The computer used today is a minimal signal, a minimum unit signal that is made of 0 and 1, and it is possible to process only one ‘bit’ at a time.

On the other hand, the quantum computer uses the ‘Quantum Bits’ in the nested state of 0 and 1 in the basic unit, and 0 and 1 can be calculated at the same time. Therefore, unlike a common computer that can only process one day at a time when the theoretical aimedonal signal enters, the quantum computer can simultaneously accept the number of millions of signals.

Although there are still not enough techniques to control quantum units, they can not create a complete performance, but if they can control both, they can not be a supercomputer only in a limited situation, but a quantum computer can be supplied for general households. If a bilateral computer is a world, it is not possible to play a game made based on CG used in the movie.

Of course, it is still a bitch. If a quantum computer to be added to the supercomputer is that it is the world that it will be spreading, it would have been exceeding the current technology, but it is not a virtual reality, but the virtual grandfather is not strange. Let’s just know that this technology is being developed.

The graphics that you can expect is the next generation of Unreal Engine 5, which you can expect earlier. Because it is already a technology released in reality, it may be possible to meet the game with that graphic within a relatively early seal.

‘Artificial Intelligence’
Who is a person and who NPC

When I play games, I sometimes wonder if NPC thinks and act like a person. Especially, it is because it appears to have this idea in a free-open-world game or a high degree of freedom, and NPC appears to be more casually or more, showing more casual or quirky movements than people.

As the influence of the game increases as the day increases, a variety of media works are emerging as the world. In the meantime, there is also a work in the game in the game. The NPCs in the work show all the self-awareness and exceeding the given programming and actively thinking and interacting.

NPC is an abbreviation of Non Player Character. Only the player character is not an unusual game that appears, but it is not necessarily NPC in most games, and players plays a role in helping the player adapts and immersed to the game.

Unlike a movie, NPC in reality, only follows a given command, and I can not think of themselves as a movie. For example, NPC, which sells objects in the store, is only sold only the assigned items according to the programming programming, and the player does not say anything other than the given metabolism even if the player is dialogue.

Actually, if NPC thinks themselves, it will be a problem for it, but it is time to feel it somewhere whenever I see the NPC that works only as programmed. If you do not have a 100% perfect yet autonomous idea, you will depend on some circumstances, or if you take a real reaction, do not you come to a real sense of reality?

▲ It is not easy to distinguish artificial humans made by real people and graphics (video source – Good content YouTube)
At the last CES 2020, Star Labs, a sanctuary of Samsung Electronics, revealed the artificial intelligence project ‘neon’ under development. All of the figures in the video showed a sophisticated expression and movement to the actual person, and it is thought that there was a rubberistic performance in that there was no unpleasant valley.

As such, artificial human, or artificial intelligence technology is a lot of development as a next generation technology. Samsung’s ‘neon’ as well as Samsung ‘Neon’, as well as LG’s ‘Kim RAF’, such as the ‘Kim RAA’, is a lot of technical cases, and it shows that every year is changing as a real person.

If you consider a technology that is thinking and developing yourself in addition to your own artificial humans, you will probably come up with ‘Alpha Gogo’. The “Alpha Games”, which was noticed by the contribution of the proverbuk articles and the conversation of artificial intelligence, is in the early days of the deep learning, but gradually evolving, but later in the confrontation with Pro Month Articles, 74,73 wins I also recorded the loss.

There are many differences in artificial intelligence technology that makes the artificial intelligence technology and actual person mentioned above. The current technology is because it is almost impossible to make it possible to make an emotion with feelings like a real person. There are many scientifically solved tasks that make the machine behave like a person in a situation where a clear conclusion is still not derived in the feelings of people yet.

Artificial intelligence with people with the same feelings with people will be difficult for the time being, but if it is an artificial intelligence of a way that changes to a particular situation or gradually change through learning, it is not possible to commercialize it within the nearis day. There are already examples that already use deep learning technologies, and the game is increasing in the game to create a system that derives the user’s pattern and regulates a system that regulates the difficulty. If the technology of artificial intelligence is extreme, the same NPC might appear to smile and cry. If that time is then, the player will not be able to produce the scene where the NPC is gamested to the NPC.

Finding the technology development case, you can see the phenomenon such as ‘Moore’s Law’ or ‘Technical Specialty’. It is said that technological development is accelerated beyond the specific limit, and it is faster than before. It took a lot of time until mankind was burned, but as it fits into agricultural society and industrialization is achieved, it shows a tremendous power generation rate.

The first “Pacman” was the first “Pacman” in 1980, called the Revolution of the game system, and many people enjoyed, but now that 30 years have now become a graphic game that is close to the actuality. It is not a distant future. How 10 years and 20 years later, what games do you enjoy? If you have one wish, you want to try a virtual reality game before you die.

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