Tmax, 7 years new DBMS Tibero 7 released

Timac Stevero announced on the 24th that we launched DBMS ‘Tibero 7 (Tibero7), which is more powerful through more than 30 functions and cloud environmental optimization.

Tibero 7 is a new product released in seven years since 2015. Since its first release in 2003, Tmax has accumulated data solutions and cloud technologies and know-how, which has accumulated in several areas of manufacturing, finance, and public for over 20 years.

The main slogan of Tibero 7 is a realizing a high availability, Tibero 7 (‘Performs Everywhere, Tibero7). It means that on the form of on-off and clouds in all environments that are optimized for business without restriction. Customers can use DBMS by selecting a corporate business environment-friendly operational structure.

We have been based on the experience of processing large DBs and operated Mission Critical Business Systems in 7,500 systems of 1,000 customers. We added a variety of innovative features that reflect market demand for high stability, high performance requirements, and new application development methods.

This newly added feature is a ‘In-Memory Column Store (in-memory column store “for high performance data analysis ▲” JSON data type “and” Spatial Data “support function suitable for the latest program development ▲ ‘Label Security’, which separates data access, ‘Fine grained auditing (Fine grained auditing), responsible for access control and recording, providing stable operations that are not needed to recover to a specific point ‘Flashback Database’.

In addition, Tibero 7 is available in the infrastructure, including AWS, MS, KT, and Naver Cloud platforms, so that Tibero 7 is available in the infrastructure. In particular, in the KT cloud environment, ‘TAC (Tibero Active Cluster, Tiboro Active Cluster (TAC), which is a shared disk-based active cluster feature, has been implemented in the public cloud in Korea and proved high availability and performance for core business applications.

Timac Stevée will further strengthen technical support services with new products. It is a plan to realize the best customer satisfaction with the service system such as a domestic call center approach channel and a secondary professional engineer visit. It also supports a variety of tools, including ‘Tiber Studio’, which can monitor easy DBMS monitoring, and “T-UP”, which helps to convert Easy DB, and provides customers operations and development.

“Timac Steve Veiro said,” Timac Steve Veiro is a US Domestic DBMS market share of 10% in the country, “Tiemac Steve Veiro said,” said Tiemac Stevée, “said Tiemac Stevée,” said Tibero, “said Ti Veir,” said Ti Veir Vehi, “said Ti Veir Vehicro,” said Tevée, “said Tibero,” Ti Veir. In addition, we will evolve as a data platform company to provide end-to-end solutions and services related to corporate data. “

TmaxSoft Tibero Installation Training

Timac Stevero is a promotion that provides a special discount when upgrading to 7 versions in the existing version.

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