What the person appears in the game! Snoop dog of wrapper collaborates with “Call of Duty”

The Activision participates in the three titles of “ Call of Duty Mobile ” “ Call of Duty Vanguard ” “ Call of Duty War Zone ” I announced things.

According to announcements, Snoop Dogg is that the appearance is different depending on the title. “Call of Duty Mobile” is scheduled to be implemented as an operator that can be obtained through lucky draw (Gacha) from April 1, and SMG decorated with gold plating and diamond seems to be included.

Everything Coming in Season 2 Reloaded (Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard)

On the other hand, it was announced that “Call of Duty Vanguard” and “Call of Duty War Zone” were released on April 19 as “Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle”. In addition to special weapons in this bundle, three types of costumes and cosmetic items are included, and it is noted that it is a different thing from the “mobile” described above.

In addition, it is a Snoop Dog, which is actively involved in the game industry, such as joining the E-SPORTS team as a directors in the E-SPORTS team and providing music to “GTA online”, but it was involved in “Call of Duty” This is not the first time. Actually, at “Call of Duty Ghost”, he is only voice but has collaborated as DLC. As old fans who keep track of the series, this collaboration, the details, the details will be published later.

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