Case TurkGücü bankruptcy declaration for 3rd league

Saarbrückens coach Uwe Koschinat called the Case TurkGücü Munich as a “bankruptcy” for the 3rd football league.

Questions to Expect at the Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

“It feels like scam when a Uwe Koschinating result is nothing more value now,” said the 50-year-old of the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”. “We are the team that pays the highest price.”

The insolvent club from Munich must set the game operation at the end of this month. All games played so far of the bottom of the table are taken out of rating according to the DFB play rating, as the German Football Association had notified on Thursday.

Therefore, the 1st FC Saarbrücken loses the six points for the two victories against Turkish cu and slips back to the fourth place. The rising candidate had announced to act legally against this decision.

The Koschinat team plays on April 2 at the TSV 1860 Munich, which brought only a point against Turkish cu and suddenly only one counter behind Saarbrücken.

“The starting situation is now a different. It would have been the last chance of the lions,” said Koschinat.

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