Fallout 76 Update for a solo game, a week

If you wanted to try fallout 76 OUT but have been hesitant because the criticism and controversy around the game, you’re lucky: the game is about to have a free trial weekend that will coincide with The update 16from from December 12th.

From 12 to 16 December, players will be able to access the game for free on PC, Xbox One and PS4. During this weekend, a double XP event will also be active for the greatest pleasure The Players. This comes with the publication of a lot of new content and updates that will be published on December 10.

Nuclear Winter, the game-royal game mode, offers players the opportunity to choose between the two cards, Morgantown and The Forest, whose last is back. Players have been asking for this option since the launch of Morgantown.

Another frequently requested feature arrives on the private outer of the game: the solo game. Players will now be able to choose between two options for private servers: “Team Only” and “All Friends”. The first will allow players to create a server where only a formed team can play or, as we wish even more, the possibility of playing al1. “All friends will allow all users of your friends list to play with you on your server.

The game will also become a festive during the season, with the Holiday Scorched Event beginning on December 12 and ending until December 26th. At the event, the burning enemies will appear on the map, dressed in celebrations, including their own bells. sound. If you encounter these enemies, you will be able to kill them and loot the holidays they deposit. These gifts go the quality items below high, including the pieces of coal.

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For a limited time after the publication of the update 16, you will be able to claim a free BOT Santatron with the Atomic Shop. Build it to your c.e.m.p. And he will go in the surroundings, collecting the candies, the toys and coal. During the Scorched Holiday event, Santatron will also offer you a gift from time to time.

For those who missed the game Halloween event a few months ago, the challenges and rewards will come back in the form of the nightmare before Christmas, from 11 to 16 December. This will then be a Christmas challenge that will take place from December 17 to January 7 and who will have six new challenges and cosmetics presented in the winter winter nuclear theme.

Fallout 76 Bethesda and his fans may not have had the kind of game and the life they hoped, but a relatively regular publication of updates, content and fixes, as well as his own mode Battle-Royal, gave the game a fairly faithful basis of players.. This update is the last scheduled update for the game with the big redesign, Wastelanders, which should go out at the beginning of 2020, bringing the human PNJ to the game. We will have to see if this content is enough to dominate the players, or Attract new ones before this big version.

Fallout 76 is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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