You can also make a full HD game! “RPG MAKER UNITE” follow-up

GOTCHA GOTCHA GAMES revealed new information for RPG creation tool “ RPG MAKER UNITE “.

RPG Maker Unite
“RPG Maker Unite” is the latest work of various hard-developed “RPG Tukol”, and in recent years, it has been evolved in the form that works on a general-purpose game engine “Unity” commonly used mainly in indie games This is a new RPG creation tool.

In the subsequent report, “RPG Maker Unite” has completely newly created the UI and abolished the tree-like child window expressions and can be viewed and edited in parallel, and It has been revealed that the basic resolution has been enhanced into full HD, 1920 * 1080px.

Even if it works on “Unity”, it is said that the license on the “Unity” side is also possible with the free version of the Personal or Student license with the free version of Personal or Student license, as it is not necessary to make program knowledge.. In addition, depending on the work, there is a case in which compatibility with the project of “Tsukul” in the past has been compatible, but this time is a completely new mechanism for “RPG Maker Unite” and does not exist compatibility.

“RPG Maker Unite” will be released in 2022.

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