“New virus infection prevention prevention” thanward paper, finally landed in the world! New real depiction that “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” expresses

Whether it is a fantasy, how long it will draw the world and produce a sense of reality? It is one of the theme that many games challenge.

Especially works to be set in the modern times are also linked to the reproduction of the world where they are players, so the expectations to be sent are also natural. That’s why you find the factors and small newspapers with a strong reality, and you can also taste a little joy and emotion depth.

“GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” released on March 25 is a work with modern Japan motif. Gameplay begins with the Scramble intersection of famous Shibuya, and many people are familiar and are reproduced there.

It is also wonderful that such background and object creation is also wonderful, but it is also incorporated that it is a realistic effect that reflects the current world.

The depiction is seen “Shibuya Central Hospital” that is the first destination. Such depictions can also feel realistic, as the entrance is presented with a date of view and time.

Since it was attacked by a strange change, there is no shadow in the lobby or hospital, and the clothes that we have found are scattered. Non-popular hospitals are making it surprisingly disturbed.

When you look at the wall, there is a thanward paper such as “About the implementation of disaster prevention measures training”. Certainly, there are also such announcements. However, it is a number of thanward paper on “new virus infection prevention” to make “exactly this era”.

Looking at the tensioned paper that touches new viruses often, the epidemic alarm is approaching the reference value, so it seems to be aware of prevention measures and prohibitions.

First of all, the meeting is limited in the whole ward, and “Principles of the same household family” “15 years old and under the age of 15 are prohibited” “Previously prohibited” “Mask wear and hand-washing and hand-washing and hand-washing”.

In addition, if there are symptoms such as fever, coughing, breathtaking, etc., guidance such as not general outpatient notes, not to accept special outpatients. While a little small neta, it can be said to be a realistic depiction that reflects the contemporary Japan’s situation.

Games dealing with virus have had more than one, but many can be treated as a pandemic cause. However, since the unusual occurring in this “Ghostwire: TOKYO” is due to a very phenomenon, it is only one of the flavors that produce the world view regardless of the new virus on the thannel.

As one of the elements that describe the world, a new virus-tensioning paper landed in the game world. Until now, it is the game industry that has always incorporated changes in times, but “Ghostwire: Tokyo” has been further promoting the history.

In addition, the expression of work is “new virus”, and there is no notation such as “new corona” or “COVID-19”. It is a bit worried about what kind of virus is showing trigger signs with “Ghostwire: Tokyo”.

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