Hanbit Soft AI Voice Avatar Solutions, etc. Prepare Future Services

Hanbit Soft said on March 25, 2022, opened a regular shareholder’s general meeting and said that the agenda has committed an agenda, including the addition of business purposes.

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According to the company, we have added a “artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) related products, service development and suppliers” to business purposes. This is a more clearly prepared new service purposes, including metabuses.

Hanbit Soft plans to provide differentiated experience to customers with a lot of future business areas of the new future business, based on a number of experience and assets accumulated through various services for a long period of time.

Lee Seung-hyun, said, “This solution is a step of establishing a current business strategy to develop a voice avatar solution that utilizes artificial intelligence,” This solution is possible.

“I plan to expand the ecosystem at start with a specialized service in music,” said Metabus Platform ‘Audition Life’, “I plan to expand the ecosystem with a specialized service,” he said.

“The Mobile MMORPG, a new Mobile MMORPG, is also preparing for a variety of global developers, and I am actively reviewing publishing on a variety of global developers.”

He also said, “Audition, Club Audition, Puzzle Audition, Aika, Granado Espada, and the existing games, such as the existing games they want, create and create the necessary content and make revenue and make it in a reverse driving project.”

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