How to get a part of the mind in Destiny 2

Part of the mind is a legendary pulse rifle in Destiny 2. There are several ways to get this weapon. First, if you have a seasonal Destiny 2 Season of the Risen, you can get this weapon in level 45 of the same. You do not need to buy a seasonal subscription to get this weapon. It is available on the free version.

The second way to get this weapon is to play field of battlefields of Psi-detachments . Access to this action can be obtained from Helm itself. In addition, you can also focus shadow engrams in War Table in Helm to get this weapon. You need to focus your dumping ingrams on rebel tools so that this weapon fell out of Engramm.

As part of the War Table Upgrade update, if you unlocked permission to decipher weapons Already now you can get a pulse rifle “Part of Mind” in Table of War itself. And finally, you can also create this weapon if you unlocked the template for it. You should complete 5 DeepSight Resonance extracts from this weapon to unlock Pattern for crafting .

How to get Piece of Mind (Legendary Pulse Rifle) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

So, here are the ways you can get a legendary pulse rifle “Part of Mind” in Destiny 2. Good luck, guard.

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