“Triangle Strategy” More stronger than iron? Those who control salt can not be enemies and watching the world [watch the world in the game # 24]

In the World Nooseria of “Triangle Strategy”, war was held around the interest of the resources of “Salt Bot War”. Greenburg, which is blessed with Seflost Movie with Iron and Salt, and Salt Hisand University. Although they do not quit each other, it is a dangerous relationship that can not be coordinated if you can stop importing and exporting resources.

Now it was usually said that it was widely lined with a dining table, and rather, it became widely said, but once the “salt” was monopolized, it was the top of the power. “Salt” was called “white golden”, and it was a powerful resource that holds the life of other countries with a long history.

“Salt” is an essential thing to maintain life alone without human beings. The organism has evolved by making nutritional circulation at the “osmotic pressure” of body fluid, transmitting the neurotransmission signal, and the salinity in the seawater varies. However, living organisms that landed on land need to replenish salt instead of seawater. If salt is lost, symptoms such as dehydration and dullness and swelling appear, and it can not be able to exert sufficient exercise ability.

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If you are a carnivorous animal, you can get from the blood of prey, but herbivores must be “mineral” separately from the plant to eat. Many animals gather in the water area, including salinity, and elephant eats the soil at a specific place, and inherit it. It is also expected that the video of the darker dam wall with recently famous Dam is also licking the salt that shifts from the wall.

Similar problems have occurred when humanity shifts from hunting to farming. Salts can not be taken from cereals and vegetables, and more expelled by labor. I do not know if the humanity of the era knew about scientificity, but it is certain that salt has begun at almost the same time as farming. As the salt is insufficient, the taste feels delicious that the taste is delicious, so it may be considered empirically that the vitality returned to return to salt.

As humanity developed agriculture, the importance of salt was also increased at the same time. Since the place where salt can be made is limited, power persons were always used to use production. In particular, salt minets with high purity salts were valuable, and in Europe, churches and king nobles were suppressed to hold for privileged positions.

Ancient Egypt required a large amount of salt for the usage of workers, and imported various types of salts from various places along the ground. The amount of labor livestock such as horse and cows is also salted, and the amount is 10 times the human being. Now there is a habit of licking rock salt in the camel of the caravan team.

Salts had dewatered and sterilized effects, and salts were also used to create mummies. After processing the internal organs, it is completely dried and dried for a while. After that, we will stain and seal preservatives. The method to prevent corruption of the body in salt was found in various parts of the world, and it was often possible to keep the neck that has been killed in Japan. It seems that it was not uncommon to be preselected with salt as an emergency, even in the World War.

Salted storage food was essential to stable food securing. Fully dehydrated dried fish spread the behavior range of humanity, and it is essential for long-distance desert movement and voyage. When the salt pickles of Tara, which can be stored up to up to 5 years, the oceans of the Western countries are enabled and the Great Voyage era arrives. Salted chicken was not only the standard of the navigation officer, but also a part that supported the times of the workers and slaves used in the colony, and to be exported from Europe to the world.

At this time, it is the famous Austria Hapsburg, who understood the salt demand for eel. The major rock salt mines in the Alps Mountains were suppressed, continued monopoly from manufacturing to distribution. Using the wealth and power of absolute “white golden”, Vienna has developed into a colorful art city. The importance of salt is also known from the place name such as “Salzburg” and “Halstadt (Halstad (the salt of salt in Celt language)”.

Salt is an investment target that does not fail, and it is easier to overdo it if it is used for supply stops even if you take taxes. If the salt supply is dumped, workers are of course weakening soldiers and can be directed directly to direct. What if other countries who are hostile are hidden? In particular, if it is an inland area where rock salt can not be adopted? Sengoku period, Takeda Shingen shut off salt supply from neighboring countries, and his folks were very difficult. But his host enemy Uesugi family did not join it, and continued to stably supply salt. This is the origin of “Sell salt to enemies” later. Securing a salt resource can only be a powerful advantage of war.

It is the United States that encountered this “chloride chain”. In the independent war since 1775, salt from the UK, which was relied upon, and it was painful for long salt shortages. The northern side of the northern side, which was holding salt, which was grasped in the next Civil War, and the southern part did not make a storage diet, and there was forced to destroy a large amount of rainy food with less goods. There is also a view that the production volume of gunpowder also falls, which has greatly influenced the winning and defeat of the war.

Currently, Japan’s salt self-pay rate is about 11%, and most of them rely on Australia and Mexico imports. Even though Japan is surrounded by the sea, it is surprising that the salt that can be used is very small. About 80% of domestic consumption will be industrial, and if you encounter a cheap sealing chain, big confusion will occur. Even if it is not a war, it is possible that the number of flights will be reduced due to soaring tanker fuel.

Compared to metal and petroleum, it is too natural to make a thin shadow thin “salt”. However, although there is no weapon or fuel, people who have lost salt will never live. While tightening, let’s keep in mind healthy food habits so that it will not take too much salt.

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