Exciting finale: World First Race in Wow is finished, thats the winners

Over the past three weeks, numerous guilds from around the world have participated in the great World First Race in the online role-playing world of Warcraft. They all have thwarted, to defeat the final boss in the RAID instance “Mausoleum of the first” on the mythical degree of difficulty. After a very exciting finale the winners are now .

These are the champions of the World First Race

In the end it ran on a direct duel between the US guild “Liquid” and the European grouping “ECHO” out. The latter initially had a small residue, but could catch up and finally carry out the victory. This guild succeeded worldwide to force the Chairman on the mythical degree of difficulty in the knees and thus to get the coveted title of the “Word First Kills” . The competitors of “Liquid” occurred in the final spurt to some complications.

World of Warcraft | Race to World First (RWF) is fun but flawed.

In addition to the general fatigue of many players also provided some real-life problem E to the fact that the US guild had to pull the shorter. Nevertheless, they delivered an exciting fight for the RAID crown until the last minute. Fortunately, the last few minutes of battle against the champion master from the point of view of “echo” are included the jubilation towers in the form of a video.

That’s how it works with World of Warcraft

This was the last World First Race in the context of the Enlargement World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, as there will be no other RAID instances for you. However, the future of the online role-playing game is definitely secured, because on 19 April 2022 Blizzard Entertainment will introduce the next add-on of WOW, which there are already numerous speculations.

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