Strategic investment in Wemade, Softon Entertainment

Horror Action MMORPG A authentic online game company that is famous for the ‘Dark Eden’, and Softone Entertainment Co., Ltd., which is a strategic investment in WiMade Co., Ltd. (Representative Jang Hyun Book Co., Ltd.),

For this investment, we decided to assess the excellent development and service capabilities of Softon as a long-term investment in the renowned developer.

Sopr’ton established in 1999, the world’s first Horror Action 2D MMORPG ‘Dark Eden’ IP is online game ‘Dark Eden’, ‘Dark Eden Ori’, ‘Dark Eden M’, Mobile Games ‘Dark Eden M’, ‘Dark Eden SD’ Among the services, the global market entry is actively promoting.

Dark Eden M - New MMORPG with cryptocurrency and earnings from WeMade. Full review.
In December 202, the online game ‘Dark Eden’, February 2022 Mobile Games ‘Dark Eden SD’ WEMIX Platform Onboard Contract is concluded and is in the midst of the development of the game for the launch of the game.

It is a policy to build a wide range of partnerships to make business synergistic effects between future two companies.

“I am very pleased to attract investments from Wymade, who are leading the Jamming Platform,” I think it is very pleased to attract investments from the Wimade, which is leading the blocking platform, “said Yoo Tae-ho, said,

Jang Hyun Buk, Jang Hyun Bureau The WiMeed representative said, “On the Womix Platform, 100 games will be serviced by the end of this year,” he said, “I will do our best to collaborate with developers with excellent capabilities such as Softon.” said.

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