“1 million three Mikuni” new rarity XR warlord appeared! ~ Give his XR warlord of new appearance in login! ~

Cae Tecmo Games Co., Ltd. is a social simulation game “1 million three Mikuni”, and the event “XR Temple” appeared by the new rarity “XR Temple” from March 29, 2022. I announced the holding of the game!

We have a social simulation game “1 million three Kingdoms” during the market, and the event “Control Battle Temple Tembley!” It will be held.

XR warlords are easy to obtain from the highest Reality warlord in the past, and he can reincarnate three times by obtaining the same warlord’s guineaign. Of course, new features have been released, such as event support capabilities and West-up images of smartphone version limited to each reincarnation.
In “Control Battle Biwon Ten Cae!” XR Bibi is a new appearance. In the West-up image released in one reunion, a powerful figure of a pair of male and females is drawn.

Sales of XR sweet sets, XR sweets, which will be the ultra-active warlord of the event. Basic sets, rare equipment, and from his three sets of soldiers, you can purchase it in various variations according to how far it is fostering.

In addition, “XR appearance commemoration! Special login stamp” also started according to the start of the control match.
From the first day of the login, a new highest rarity “XR 廖” is presented. A total of 4 sheets of “XR” are available in the 20th of the login, and the number you need for 3rd rotation is aligned. It is not a limited time, so even if there is a time when you can not log in along the way, you will eventually enter his four-handed hands.
Please enjoy “1 million Mikuni” on this occasion according to the appearance of XR warlords that are more attractive than ever before.

# “1 million Sangoku Shishi” control battle “Biwon Ten Cauto!” Measures Overview

○ Practice date: March 29, 2022 (Tuesday) 11:00
○ Overview: 1 Control Battle “Biobe Teru Chang!”
Execution period: March 29 (Tuesday) 11:00 to April 7 (Thu) 23:59

New high rarity “XR Biwa” appeared. As event rewards, you can get a set of 4 xR 劉 劉 劉. XR Atsu will be a super-active military commander in this event, and he will acquire the “support” ability of the “Control Battle” event at one time of his incarnation.


2 XR sweet set sale
Execution period: March 28 (Mon) 16:00 to April 21 (Thu) 23:59
Sales a set of warlords where new high rarity “XR sweet” can be obtained. Basic sets, sold by military law, up to 4 purchases according to how far from three types of rare equipment, you can purchase up to four.

XR sweet, “Turbulent battle 劉 十 ‘s game!” It will be a big success warlord even in the joint match and the corps match.
“Support” capabilities that can be acquired in one reunion are subject to “Controlled Battle” and “Corps Battle”.

“XR sweet”

# “1 million people Mikuni” XR appearance commemoration! Special Login Stamp

○ Practice date: March 29, 2022 (Tuesday) 11:00

○ Overview: XR warlords are given to commemorate the appearance of the new high rarity “XR”
A special login stamp will be held.

A first day of the login is a design of XR 廖. Furthermore, he will get the 5th day, the 13th and the 20th and the 20th day, and you can get the XR 廖 廖 書, and the maximum number of incarctors is aligned.
Because it is not limited to time, there is always four “XR 廖 廖”, even if there is a period that can not be logged in along the way, he can get four.

“XR 廖”

※ The period and contents of the campaign may change without notice.
※ Please check the game announcement page for the campaign details.

# “1 million three Mikuni” summary

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