Busan representative Indie Game Festival, offline in September

Busan, Busan, Korea Information Industry Promotion Agency, Busan Indian Connect Festival Organizing Committee shall host the Global Indie Game Exhibition Busan Indyper (BIC Festival) (BIC Festival) (BIC Festival) (BIC Festival) (BIC Festival) (BIC Festival) (BIC Festival) (BIC Festival)

BIC festivals with 8 times this year will be held offline at the Busan Port International Exhibition Convention Center. Connectices are newly established with the general and rookie sector, which operated. Connectices are subject to the work that was exhibited in the existing BIC festival, and the existing BIC festival has been selected for the existing BIC festival.

The official supporter is then recruited by the Big Connectors 2 prayer. Big Connectors, which consisted of a gamer interested in BIC and Indie games, has been conducted by a connector that helps in Indie game marketers, testers, and events in the past year.

Exhibition reception and examination schedule was also released. The general sector is from April 25 to May 25, the Rockey Sector (student competition) can be accepted from May 16 to June 20. Exhibition Confirmation After the examination of the audit composed of a small game expert, it will be released at the end of July.

Event Official Virtual Infintry ‘John’ is a public relations ambassador to introduce an Indie game every week through the official YouTube Channel ‘John Indie’.

Busan Indie Connect Festival 2017 Official Teaser

BIC festival sponsors are also released. Platinum sponsor as a Cookie Run King Defce Studio Kingdom, Nical Sisters, Pulse, Bis, Gold Sponsor as Yahaha Studios, Epic Games Korea, Silver Sponsor Xbox, Exhall, Smile Gate Stove Indie, Naver Jet participates as store, unity, and bronze sponsor.

Western Tissue Busan Indigon Twee’s Organization Chairman said, “I remember the offline events that were full of enthusiasm, which was full of passion of Corona, and are preparing for communication with developers.” “Through” Indy Games, I am spending the power to prepare for the enhanced Indie Game Developer’s support program, “he said.

“The BiC festival will be held in the future,” the Bic Festival will be held in the On Opse, “and the BiC festival will be held in the On offline this year.” I will not save support to be able to be able to be able to put on. “

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