[Game Group] Netmarble blocks, Metropolitan

Netmarble held a regular shareholder general meeting on the 29th. Kwon Young-sik promised to attract shareholder value into a new business such as block chain, NFT, and metabus.

“The Kwon Young-sik said,” Last 2021 was a year, which was more difficult than ever, and “The game industry has been a limit to the way to show the way to the game because of the long-term for the time of transmission. “He said. “Last year, sales increased a slight increase in sales, and operating profit fell 43.2% YoY to W154.5bn.”

“Netmarble has continued a lot of efforts in the mid- to long-term perspective to strengthen the fundamental competitiveness of the game business,” he said, “he said,” I was aimed at “new genres and self-enabling new genres and self-IP fostering and unique IP ecosystems.” Stressed.

The council was evaluated as “Diversify the game portfolio and secured a stable growth base in the global market” on the other hand,

The council also said that Netmarble was a block chain and metabus, such as block chain and meta bus, “I am expecting a variety of new newly new new products based on 2022 this year,” he said. did.

In addition, the council introduced Netmarble ESG management. “Netmarble has recently been deeply sympathetic to the company’s social responsibility, eco-friendly management, and the request for building transparent governance,” he said. “The Netmarble ESG report was deeply impressive,” the Netmarble ESG report was clearly destricted by the directors and their jobs. “

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