So much money has cost the World First Race in Wow a guild

Only yesterday we had reported about the winners of the recent World First Race in World of Warcraft. Accordingly, was able to prevail the European Guild “Echo” in an exciting final and secure the title of the “World First Kill” on the mythical level of difficulty. But participation in such a competition is not only exhausting, but sometimes very costly . This shows a current calculation example of the US guild “Liquid” .

The Race To World First in WoW Has Changed... For The Worse

It costs so much to keep up with the World First Race

This grouping was provided with “ECHO” until the last minute an exciting fight at the World First Race by World of Warcraft, but had to give himself beaten. As the Liquid member Velory’s betrayed Via Twitter, the guild had to reach deep into the pocket to keep up. Because next to the pure number of players, the necessary time and skill it takes a lot of gold . Only in this way can the characters with sufficient t can equip, buff food and specific items equip, from the repair costs completely silent.

According to the invoice, the US guild has invested “liquid” so far 723 million Ingame Gold for the World First Race. This corresponds to about 4,600 WoW tokens. If you would buy them for real money, you get converted to an amount of about $ 93,000 . It was said that the World First Race is not yet finished for the guild. She is currently struggling with four other groups around the title of the “World Second Kill”. Accordingly, the cost is likely to go up.

The future of World of Warcraft

The current World First Race is the last of its kind in the context of the extension of Shadowlands. However, the online role-playing game will definitely continue: Blizzard Entertainment will announce the next add-on for World of Warcraft on 19 April 2022. What is about it is unknown so far. However, there are already some rumors and speculation.

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