Person 5 will disappear from the PS Plus Collection

PS Plus Collection is a great offer that allows the owners of a PLAYSTATION 5 to enjoy a great alignment of titles, suitable for all types of players. For the first time in the short history of this service, it was revealed that one of its games will be leaving it aside and it is nothing more and nothing less than _ person 5. _

After announcing the free games PS Plus for April, Sony also announced that person 5 will no longer be part of the PS Plus Collection from May 11 this year. The good news is that all those users who add it to their libraries before that date, will be able to continue playing even after it has already left this platform.

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At the moment, we do not know exactly what this decision is due, but as we told you a few moments ago, this is the first time when the PLUS Collection loses a game. We also do not know if in some future you will add other titles or if you are going to withdraw some more.

Editor’s note: I am pulling a coin in the air here, but maybe the new version of PS Plus has something to do. After all, it sounds like much coincidence that the PS Plus Collection has lost a game after this revelation, and we will have to see if this pattern is repeated in the future.

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