Ada Hegerberg von Ol: How serious do you take girls?

When one of the best footballers of the planet with 22 from the national team resigns, the high waves beat. Ada Hegerberg did not do that without reason. In order to set up for one in your opinion, just award-premium system and a better promotion of women’s football in the Norwegian Association, she finished her career on the Association level in 2017. So protest.

While a year later she was awarded the first player of “France Football” with the balloon d’Or as a world footballer, one had to do without Hegerberg’s goals in the home. And she shot you for Olympique Lyon at that time at the current band: 15 results in the Champions League (nine inserts) and 31 in the French 1. League – in just 20 play.

The national coach is glad that the topic is through

Now Hegerberg is back. “That was not a decision that came over night,” the 26-year-old said the League on Monday, “there were long discussions, especially with bandage President Lisa Klaveness.” Hegerberg reported “very honest talks” that had been important to move into the “right direction”. One was “every topic passed through which had to be discussed”.

Last Thursday, National coach Martin Sjögren published them into the bid for the two World Cup qualifiers against Kosovo (April 7) and Poland (April 12). It had been a “challenging situation” with the top striker, said Sjögren. He was glad that you could leave that behind now.

Ada Hegerberg | Why I'm Here

Even at the European Championship in the summer, Hegerberg is likely to support the Norwegians, in the preliminary round, the team hits host England, Austria and Northern Ireland.

“Do we do that today? I’m not sure”

“Behind my decision of 2017, I stand,” said Hegerberg. For reasons, she brought, among other things, a heavy shin injury, which she almost cost two years of her career. “I had some time to reflect,” she expresses that.

Only last October she gave her comeback for Olympique Lyon, since then the performance data will understandably not so imposing as before the injury. “Only” eight gates in twelve league games pull their career cut clearly down, Hegerberg is, for example, with 56 hits record hunter of the Champions League story. She did not meet in the youngest five games in France.

According to “France Football” the best: 2018 Ada Hegerberg won the balloon d’Or. AFP Via Getty Images

That Hegerberg will now stop fighting for gender equality and promotion of female offspring is excluded. “It is very important to talk about the pyramids. How serious do we accept young girls from the first day? Are we doing that today?” She asked rhetorical to answer, “I’m not sure. Boys we promote from the beginning on. If you add a girl with six years, how to play a pass, it is clear that the quality is at the end higher than if you first show it with 20. “

Hegerberg wants to increase quality

It goes for education and respect. “If you put in the lowest level of the pyramid, you get a better product in the end.”

From the conversation can be heard that Hegerberg wants to increase the quality of all competitions. She also takes the professionals in the duty: “We still have to train much harder and intelligent to increase the level.” Finally, it is about convincing people to look at women’s football games. Hegerberg, which also appears as a women’s football ambassador for the streaming service Dazn, is convinced: “People wollen see women’s football. There were only a few offers in the past.”

“You forgot to take me out”

But before the return in the circle of the national team is pending, Hegerberg must only master a greater task on a club level. After the 1: 2 pulp leap is your club Olympique Lyon, serial winner from 2016 to 2020, before the quarter-final return match against Juventus (Thursday, 9 pm, live! At League and Dazn) under pressure.

“It’s just us,” said Hegerberg. “We have to win with two goals difference. Quite simply.” Lyon will tackle it in a very positive way and hope for tailwind through the domestic audience.

In the first leg she was surprisingly not used to clearly explain from her view: “I was sick, had a hard week behind me, so the game came to me a little too early.” Now she was back in the trail. Why she had been conducted as a reservivation in the first leg in the databases and on its own club channels? “I was not sitting on the bench at all. I think you forgot to take me from the list.”

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