Does Lost Ark have to adapt more to the western market?

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The mmorpg Lost Ark appeared in South Korea in 2019 and was only available exclusively there for some time. Gradually, then versions were published for the rest of the world. The European version of the Free2Play game has been available since mid-February and is published by Amazon Games. For a short time after the release, discussions now break out whether to adapt the game stronger to the western market . Many players currently have no interest anymore. Some even fear a similar destiny as New World, who has lost a large part of the players in the past. Meanwhile, the title seems to win new fans again. Therefore, the question arises as to whether Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) really needs such a change.

These are the amendments

In the official forum, the user “Texas” in recent days expressed his opinion that the title must adapt more strongly to the target group in the West. Due to the initially exclusive release in South Korea, it is not surprising that the developers wanted to be successful above all.

In order to adapt to Lost Ark more strongly, the player proposes to lift the weekly or daily restrictions on the dungeons, so you can tackle them at will. In addition, the honing probability should be adapted, over which some players had already complained. He also wishes the activation of all classes with the corresponding skins, just like more content for animal 3.

Different opinions on criticism

There are some fans who also believe that something needs to change. However, there is also a lot of counterwind: some criticize that so that you would change the core of Lost Ark too much , and recommend that you just devote yourself to another game. It is simply not suitable for everyone and they would like it exactly because it differs from Western MMORPGS.

When announcing the Road Map for April and May, the developer team assured to listen to the feedback of the fans . The majority does not seem to believe that the game would have to be adapted to the western market. Since Lost Ark is not outside us yet, it may happen anyway that some changes will be made in the upcoming updates. However, a completely customized version will probably not be.

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