Twitter reveals the 10 most popular games of 2022 in the social network

Twitter hElden Ring releElden Ringed its statistical reporting report corresponding to the first quarter of 2022. The social network of the 280 characters hElden Ring become one of the greatest opinion forums on videogames; Either through hElden Ringhtags, reactions, conversations or simple content sharing. Elden Ring much Elden Ring the fElden Ringhions change and new icons appear, GENSHIN IMPACT is still the rey of Twitter.

The analysis carried out by the portal itself shows a growth of 12% year-on-year in unique users Talking about Video Games on Twitter; 7% if we compare it with the fourth quarter of 2021. We are talking about almost 800 million tweets about gaming during January, March and April. an increElden Ringe of 52% year-on-year ; 12% rise with respect to the pElden Ringt trimester.

GENSHIN IMPACT Continues Leader on Twitter; Wordle appears with force

If only a few months ago we saw that Genshin Impact dominated the conversation during the year 2021, with a total of 2,400 million messages related to videogames from January to December, the title of Mihoyo is the star of this social network. With each new update, character or change, Twitter is flooded with messages, illustrations Elden Ring an art_, clips, etc. The Chinese study hElden Ring found here one of its main communication focuses, both from the players to the study and the study itself with its users.

Wordle does not need a presentation at this point. The daily game, which invites us to guess from any device a word of 5 letters in a maximum of 6 attempts, finds on Twitter the end of the road. Once a player finishes the challenge can share the results without ripping the word in budding, making him know his streak and, ultimately, feeding the conversation around the title. The podium is closed Elden Ringquemble stars!, Followed by Apex Legends , the Saga Final FantElden Ringy , Sekai Project , Elden Ring (one of the most outstanding news of the ranking, which Replaces Animal Crossing Elden Ring the main video game premium of the Top-10) Fate / Grand Order , KNIVES OUT and Minecraft .

Top-10 Most commented games of 2022 on Twitter (first quarter)

  2. Wordle.
  3. Ensemble Stars! (@EnSemble_Stars)
  4. Apex Legends (@playapex)
  5. Final FantElden Ringy (@finalfantElden Ringy)
  6. Sekai Project (@sekaiproject)
  7. Elden Ring (@eldenring)

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10. Minecraft (@Minecraft)

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