GENSHIN IMPACT: How to perform an attack in a jump after diving for 5 seconds for Geronimo! achievement

Unlocking the achievement of “Challenger” Geronimo! May be a little difficult if the players do not know what they go. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest achievements that can be unlocked in Genshin Impact. We will look at how easy it is to achieve this long five-second immersion.

How to make a five-second attack in a jump

How to Complete Geronimo! Achievement Plunging Attack Guide - Genshin Impact

The easiest way to fulfill this achievement – Use the character with flight . Head to the highest vertex vertex in the neighboring area. Make sure the bottom there is at least one enemy character. Take up even above above the top to give an additional second time the fall. Make sure the character is right above the enemy on which he wants to pounce, and then use the attack in the jump.

This may take a couple of attempts, as you can easily spoil or something goes wrong. In addition, the definition of the exact height from which you need to fall may also complicate the task. However, a little experimenting, it should be quite simple to unlock the achievement.

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