Unreal Engine: Because of this Middle Ages

Jason Slama from CD project Red said at the idea of the Unreal Engine 5: “Last year there was a demo -The Medieval Environment Demo, in which a billboard appears in one place, which has reminiscent our own old projects

And even a shield had on which “monster hunter wanted” was. We wanted to say that we should change to Unreal Engine. “Look how good your games look at it.” Was that the secret intention of the whole demo? No idea, but my interest was awakened “.

The demo is described, which is available in the EPIC marketplace as a download as follows:

“This is a short, playable experience that allows the player to completely dive into a beautiful and uncanny medieval environment. It shows some of the most exciting new features of the Unreal Engine (Buy Now) 4.26. The environment is completely dynamic and uses the new one Sky Atmosphere System to illuminate the scene. Since the environment is downloadable, we strongly recommend the players to track the very detailed tutorial series “.

Medieval Level Design Tutorial With FREE Assets in Unreal Engine 4

The video itself has the following description: “Jacob Keudel of Quixel gives us an overview of these fully playable dynamic experience, lists all the important steps that have been made to create the environment, and presents the most important people to the implementation of the project were involved”.

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