Advantages and Mutations of Grounded, explained

Mutations, or benefits, are some of the latest features added to Grounded. These new additions help players by giving them specific buffs to tackle the world of the backyard.

Mutations can be acquired in many ways, but the most common way of winnings is to perform a task a number of times. For example, the Grass Master mutation, which allows the player to cut the grass more easily, is obtained by cutting 25 strands of grass. This rule applies to other benefits as rock cracker, which allows you to crush rocks faster, and ant-nihilator, a combat mutation that allows the player to inflict more damage against ants.

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Some benefits are acquired by other means. The buff lungs and the meat shield are purchased at BURG.L for 7,000 sciences each. Juicy is acquired by finding the five juice boxes on the map, and Grass shot is discovered by finding the four-leaved clover in an underground cave.

Mutations can be improved through continuous use. The Grass Master advantage is improved in the same way it is unlocked. Cut 200 strands of grass and you will unlock the second level. Cut 500 blades will unlock the last level. Most mutations have three evolutionary levels that are all unlocked with continued use of the advantage. Each level upgrade makes the advantage more efficient.

It is also important to note that if all these benefits are incredibly useful, the player is allowed to equip only three mutations at a time. Of course, you can change the benefits you use at any time in the menu, so you do not have to worry about engaging yourself in a mutation.

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