Despite pandemic: income and personnel expenditure in the 3rd league rise

The Corona pandemic had expected great impact on clubs in the 3rd league. “A dramatic imbalance has not triggered this on the entire league – despite the insolvency of the KFC Uerdingen in the captured period,” said the DFB under which the 3rd league is discharged. Rather, it succeeded by the third-league clubs to increase yields. 215.8 million euros even mean a record in the total yields, on average, every club could take 11,358 million euros.

“This is due to a significant increase in other income, including public subsidies such as corona help and bridging funds,” says the DFB. Significantly less falls the game’s weight. In view of numerous ghosts and games with audience restricts, only these only make three percent of the income.

In parallel with the rising income, the personnel expenditure has also increased to a maximum value, for the team and coaching team, the clubs issued average of 4.9 million euros, which accounts for a share of personnel expenses in the game of 42 percent of total expenditure.

The total expenditure of all clubs are at 11.8 million euros, the gap between income and average expenses decreased on average to 600,000 euros, which is a significant reduction compared to previous seasons.

Six clubs with excess, 13 with shortfall

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According to DFB information, six third divisions recorded a seasonal surplus, 13, on the other hand, the playing time ended with a shortfall. “A positive equity has nine clubs, at ten, equity was negative. In the ligonite average, equity was positive for the second time in the history of the 3rd league,” the association shares.

It is undisputed that the insolvency application of KFC Uerdingen, which is now in the Regionalliga West before the descent to the Oberliga, as well as the complete retreat TurkGücü in Munich in the current season “certainly not conducive” is, like the Vice President for playing and football development, Peter Frymuth, explains. “At the same time it illustrates how important solid economies and how important a binding rules is in the form of the admission procedure. The realization is not new, but you can not repeat them often enough: In the natural pursuit of the greatest possible athletic success, each club must have the holistic, sustainable Featuring the development of its structures. Responsible action is essential, it is the basis of permanent success. “

Task Force develops proposals for new framework conditions

In this context, the DFB also underlines the importance of the work of Task Force “Economic Stability 3. Liga”, whose proposals for new framework conditions are submitted to the DFB Bureau. They are intended to promote “adequate economies in the future”.

First measures take the beginning of the season 2022/23, more “such as the tightening of the equity edition and the anchoring of the Financial Fairplay in the approval procedure” are binding from 2023/24.

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