Storm sports director of fancy about transfers: will soon proclaim something “

On the field, the SK storm on Sunday against Wiener Austria was able to retract an important 1-0 home win, away from the square, sport director Andreas Schicker is already using the squad for the next season.

In a little spectacular game, Sturm Graz won on Sunday earned 1-0 against Austria Vienna. Already in the first round, the householders were more active, but came to opportunities only in the initial minutes.

Of the guests was almost nothing to see. That did not change after the side change and so storm Jon Gorenc Stankovic used a standard for the tour. The Viennese needed a long time to find an answer, but more than a huge chance of Vucic did not exist.

At SKY commented storm sports director Andreas Schicker pressing transfer rumors. So it is rumored that Vesel should dock Demaku release free of release from the violets. “He is a very interesting player,” says nice. The negotiations look “very good”. Report: “But it is not the right time, still a bit of patience, then we will announce something soon.”

Stirer Andreas Kuen and Lukas Jäger whose contracts are not extended. “We stand for clarity and it is important to me that players experience early on their future,” says fancy. “At Kuen and Hunters, it is so that we will not extend the contracts. If you say it at an early stage, it will be positively accepted. The two pure each day and give everything until the last contract.”

Chic: Höchund? “Created for the big stage”

Overall, the two will probably not remain the only departures. It is unclear about the location in loan striker Anderson Niangbo: “The lending ends, we have to look, as it continues. I think the team will be well together for the coming season.”

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With five goals after eight Bundesliga games, new addition Rasmus Höwjund already played in the focus. “Currently it is very quiet and I’m in constant exchange with his adviser. Another year in Graz would be very good. With us in Graz he has the security that he gets many minutes,” says fancy. “We have dealt with him intensively before transfer. He is very authentic, even with the interviews. I see it every day in training and he does not adjust. The boy is created for the big stage.”

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