Elden Ring: An invader player makes the greatest cord collection of the story when he sees his enemy

It becomes annoying that, while we are walking quietly through the intermediate lands of Elden Ring, come a player to invade us to disturb our tranquility . Therefore, it is important to be prepared, since it is an unforeseen that may arise at any time. And those who invade them predisposed to do evil. Although, sometimes, as what we are going to show you now, they are motivated in excess.

BOSS Invasions In ELDEN RING Are Amazing!! - Adventures Of The WORST Elden Ring Invader

For sample, this video that has been made viral and that has shared on social networks the user named @Howlavalon, although the original source is the Tiktok user called @liggytheiggy. We see how a player invades another and pretended to attack him with everything he has, executing a series of very spectacular, but not very effective movements. The invaded player is enough a simple parry and without immuttering so that who has dredged to bother making the greatest cable collection of the history of video games.

In some way, this has reminded us of the classic scenes of many Hollywood films or martial arts, in which a ruling enemy comes by giving us a lesson of what he is capable of doing so that, at the time of truth, he finished Falling from a single blow. There are many examples, but the mythical Indiana Jones offers a scene that represents perfectly what we have just said. The good of Indy is not on the branches.

Surely now he thinks twice before showing the “skills” of him when it comes to invading, since they can make you look as bad as we see in that video. And, of course, there is almost to write a book of some of the players used by the invaders we have found, so far, on our trip through Elden Ring.

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