After Sota debacle makes Ultima

You certainly remind you: With Peter Molyneux already spends a developer legend in the area of Krypto Gaming , whose call has suffered sharply over the years. On classics of gaming story such as Populous, Theme Park, Syndicate, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper followed projects such as Curiosity or Godus, which would call many a buyer as “customer-confession”. As critics are comparably hard about NFTS and blockchain technologies in games (more in our special for crypto gaming ), the combination fits quite well.

Performance: Lord British

Now a second developer veterinarian was facing the non-fungible token that has to fight with a comparable sympathy case. Richard Garriott with his ultima series almost two decades long long the role-playing landscape and created with Ultima online one of the most important MMO pubes for World of Warcraft and Consorts.

With later MMO projects (City of Heroes, City of Villains, Tabula Rasa), Garriott was able to tear out no trees in the 2000s, but just Tabula Rasa, which was just 15 months on the market, had enormous potential and some great ideas. Even years after switching off the server fans attempted to revive the MMORPG .

This was followed by a long break break until Garriott launched a Kickstarter campaign for the online role-playing game Shroud of the Avatar . The campaign was known to be a great success. What happened in the next few years can only be evaluated as a debacle. The short form: Despite further crowdfunding actions, the money did not reach the back and the front. Promises of the developers were broken. The game never reached a preliminary quality. Many supporters were angry. In the end, Portalarium had to sell all operative assets to the Studio Catnip Games .

Further virgin land lands in the NFT country

And what is Richard Garriott now? Well, we have already indicated: an NFTS (via pcgamesn). The new project has not yet. But on board, Todd Porter (Ultima IV) and Chris Spears (Shroud of the Avatar) are. Also known: The online role-playing game should set on an Ultima-Eskes fantasy setting, an isometric perspective and features such as player-driven shops and acquisible lands.

According to Garriott, the blockchain technology should ensure that the purchase and sale of virtual goods can be safely and fair under the players. A big problem of Ultima Online should have been, for example, that part of the trade over eBay was about, which should have caused all sorts of complaints and risks.

Todd Porter admits that in his opinion there is currently no good NFT game in the market. With the new project, you do not just want to bring the genre of the MMOs, but also the crypto games on a new level. Since the game is still in a very early stage of production, it will take a few more years until this promise can be checked.

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