Did the developers of Lost Ark accidentally leave the Season Pass?

For the western version of the MMORPG’s Lost Ark, there are (yet) no Season Pass. But it seems that the developers have recently accidentally illicited them. We reveal you at this point, which notes have surfaced and what you can expect from such a Ark Pass .

Where does the leak come to the Season Pass of Lost Ark?

The developers have recently released a new video, which is actually all about the so-called Proving Grounds. It is the PVP part of MMORPG, which enables both duels in the format “Man against man” and Team Deathmatch lots with triplets. However, apparently, the developers have not again spotted the video material prior to publication, because in fact a relatively unique note to the Season Pass can be found.

Approximately at Minute 1: 07 can be found in the upper right corner several symbols. Directly links next to it is very clear to read the term “ark pass” . So the Season Pass in the Korean version of Lost ar k. There has been there for some time, in the West, on the other hand (yet). It is quite conceivable that the developers for the video have used a Developer version of the MMORPG, in which some not yet published content can be found – among other things, the Ark Pass.

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What does the Ark Pass offer?

In the Korean version of Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €) This Season Pass has been available for some time. He works much like all other passports of this kind: By completing tasks, the ARK Pass in the Level rises and Turns some rewards . The tasks include the conclusion of a raid, defeating bosses and many other challenges . So far, however, there is no confirmation of whether and when the ARK Pass will also appear in the Western regions.

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